Just an opinion about FIN

i am not a conspiracy theory believer; however, sometimes i think money and financial revenue is not the main reason that make Finasteride an FDA approved medication, there is something evil about the drug, i haven’t lost my mind(yet) lol, but i think it is a tool and a mean to target a group of people, i used to beat my self up over taking propecia( although i was not aware of the adverse sides,i trusted my Dr) but now that i think deeper i feel like even if i had known about the sides still i would have taken the medication, i would give the medication the benefit of doubt to save my f— hair cause i trusted the FDA and the medical industry, now back to the main point, i think Finasteride might be a case study for a biological weapon, or a mean to phase out a group of people, i don’t know, but looks like the 2% sides is a myth and the fact that the drug is still around and the FDA doesn’t give a single F about the victims makes me think that except financial revenue, other factors might be involved in the case too.


I’ve humored the notion of something like this going on as a brief fantasy and have heard the same said in relation to PSSD. That is, there’s an agenda to sterilize depressed and/or mentally ill people.

Something that strongly counters this idea is the fact that there are different substances that seem to cause syndromes like PFS.

Ask yourself why would anyone target balding people, people with acne, depression, endometriosis, BPH, or any other condition this drug or this group of drugs is used to treat? Why would anyone target any single one of those groups? This problem also crosses boundaries of race, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, and age.

There are lots of more efficient ways to depopulate that would take much less trouble.


  1. This doesn’t happen to everyone and most people don’t care unless it happens to them.

  2. It can easily be falsely portrayed to others as something other than what it is because no legitimate diagnostic for it exists yet. Even people with this condition often question themselves or others who say they have the condition. Close friends and family of victims included in this.

  3. Like you said, there is a lot of money, trust, and credibility to be lost if certain parties acknowledge it.


yea as i said it’s very unlikely and i just consider it as a theory, but the way the FDA ignores and overlooks the issue makes it suspicious.

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I think most conspiracy theories give too much intellectual credit to the perpetrators. It’s just plain old neglect because of money, money, money. It’s legal issues, company image, that sort of thing. No witchcraft, just good old capitalism.


I really can’t think of any more dangerous shit than fin. Methamphetamine is safer, heroin is safer, snake venom will either kill you or you will survive and it will end up being safer for you. Is there anything equally dangerous?


you are 100% right, people make many mistakes throughout their lives and they get to start over or a chance to make up for their mistakes, but propecia is a one way road to hell, right to the bottom of it, even people with heavy addiction can overcome their problem but this shit is sth different, it is like a wrath


Reminds me of the time I mistook Belladonna berries for something else and suffered the inability to urinate for about 36 hours. It also reminds me of the time a neighbor passed out from Angel Trumpets and spent some time in the hospital. We have no lingering issues from either. As @Vlad97 said, you bounce back or perish. saw, fin, iso, ssri, and the likes are the worst of the worst. (I did not capitalize or spell out their full names because they do not deserve it.)


It’s absurd, honestly. I’ve seen people abuse the shit out of their body. Alcohol every day, hard drugs, shit lifestyles… They’re fine or bounce back.

I’ve always been as healthy as possible, but one bad decision and this lousy little palm tree permanently destroys my body. What kind of cruel joke is this.


That despicable, midget palm tree grows throughout the southeastern United States where I live. It is a terrible reminder to see it growing whenever I’m out and about. It almost feels like they are pointing and laughing at me.


They sell it in the local “natural health” store where I pass by every time I go to work. It really feels as if the universe is mocking us.

But barging in like a crazy nutjob complaining how their prostate supplements destroyed my life will probably not help my case lol.

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I had a saw plant in my yard that not even rodents, birds, or insects would partake of the berries based off my observations. Bees seemed interested in the nectar though. I chopped it right down the middle and doused it with boiling water. That felt oh so good to do. We are permitted to dispose of yard generated debris with fire, but I’d be afraid of inhaling the smoke.

I believe environmentalists cite animals “depending on” the berries to stop developmental activities. I am on neither side though: the developers or environmentalists.

Wildlife not only ate all my strawberries, they started to eat the leaves too, eventually killing the plant off.