Just a strange observation about myself involving white blood cells

In a microbio class of 12 students, we were doing skin-pricks of our fingers with mini-lancets and viewing Wright’s-stained droplets of our own blood under the microscope with the intention of finding and identifying several types of white blood cell.


I had ONE measly lymphocyte on the entire slide, while every other student had dozens of various WBCs. The instructor scanned the slide herself and made the statement that she had never seen that in her ~5 years of teaching this class or her time in the lab.

I have had blood tests that indicated normal white blood cell counts and seem to have great resistance to skin infections.

Chalking this up to a fluke, but has anyone else in medicine, nursing, or science here done a similar lab class activity with a similar result either pre-drug or post-drug?

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Can you do another test in a week or so?


If you’ll lend me your microscope and staining trays for a week!

Maybe this has nothing to do with PFS or PAS and I am just a freak.

Ah, I wasn’t sure if you went to this place often.

Perhaps you’re a super hero of sorts and that white blood cell is super strength and you don’t need many as a result…?

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It’s been a few years, and I consider myself lucky to barely ever get infections from wounds, considering I maybe only had that lone immune cell roaming around in my peripheral tissues.

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What happens if you get a cut on each hand at the same time? Does one heal up faster (where the single white blood cell is located)?


I just got blood results back due to an unrelated procedure (removal of a lipoma) and it showed very low WBC at 2.5 k/uL, which is half the minimum. Prior tests (all after pfs) show it was barely above that before. MCHC and Neutrophil were also below ranges. Curious if this is consistent with the results of others.

I believe Chi spoke about this.
He believes low WBC is a symptom of an infection. He had low WBC, which he healed via cleaning his gut.

Would you recall how Chi cleaned his gut? I’ve been eating clean for a long time.

Not off the top of my head. He mentioned a lot about healing his guts. He mentioned parasites, too.

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