Just a shoutout to fellow sufferers- Forskolin

Hey longtime lurker here. Have had PFS for 2 years and I’m 26 right now. After trying many different things and throwing the bathroom sink at it, I have recently had a bit of success for the past week with something called Forskolin. Forskolin boosts nitric oxide, LH and cAMP signalling. Will try and keep posted. Fingers crossed!


What symptoms has it helped? Can you provide more detail. That’s great to hear.

It has been fluctuating but there has been a bit of an increase in libido. My thighs are warm and I can feel a prickly sensation in my body hair. Hair on my head is itchy (which I guess is unfortunately a good sign)

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Any update?

Looks like Forskolin has some kind of effect on androgen receptors - an activator of sorts.

After only hearing about Forskolin in another thread today, I now see it has been mentioned in the past, but never seems to have been pursued very extensively. Yet it apparently increases AR – which is the purported basis of the success some people have seen on the Bulgarian tribulus cycles. This seems very interesting.

I have just gone through some of the old threads in which it is mentioned, going back as far as 09, but people seem to report varied or limited success, although often having not given it a proper go.

My biggest question would be, should this be cycled and tapered in the way tribulus apparently needs to be in order to generate gains?

My second question would be, could this be on cycled during a tribulus off cycle and vice versa, or is the off cycle of tribulus in some way important to the process beyond avoiding some sort of adjustment to the herb that reduces or curtails the gains? By that I mean, if we are seeking to increase AR through supplementation, do we need periods off of those supplements in order for the AR increase to be beneficial. Or could you do a week on trib, a week on forskolin, repeat, for maximum gains without the body adjusting to either supplement?

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Have a huge progress from forskolin and mucuna. erection quality fluctuating around 80% , visual libido is back and i can get hard from fantasies. I also had a trial with pramipexole which also making things a lot better, but it was too hard on my stomach so I couldn’t continue taking it. My problem is definitely related to dopamine system disruption.

Forskolin is able to stimulate dopamine formation from tyrosine via tyrosine hydroxylase and also via potassium-evoked stimulation. (68) Forskolin also increases dopamine receptors as well as their sensitivity. (69)


What about orgasm quality or did you never suffer from that?

thanks for the papers @slick1
also got good results from it and LDN, morning woods mainly, much better than on trt
which dose and time of day you prefer??

I am taking 2 pills (200 mg in total of active forskolin) in the morning on empty stomach. Then after 30 min taking mucuna pruriens. I am not sure if l-dopa contributing. I think it’s mostly forskolin,because l-dopa alone wasn’t doing much. What doses naltrexone u taking ? There is only 50mg for sale i found .

How is your progress with LDN ?

Still using forskolin?

Hey @slick1 @Throwaway1, you still going strong with forskolin?

@slick1 when you say two pills for 200mg of it, I was looking at this brand which says 250 mg per pill equates to 50mg of active ingredient.

So would this mean you are taking a little less than one of these pills, or the equivalent of 4?


@Trump_1776 @WeCanBeatThis
I was using biovea forskolin. Each 500mg pill of Coleus Forskholii contain 20% of forskolin, I was taking 1000mg which is 200mg of forskolin.

I had very pronounced improvements, but I was using forskolin with mucuna pruriens. It seems working in synergy. So not sure how effective forskolin alone. Later I crashed with some other substance.

Hey @slick, which other substance? Did you still continue with forskolin and macuna? I have been using macuna daily for a while now. Forskolin seems extremely interesting

To be honest I don’t remember. It’s a roller coaster for me. I think it was cdp choline or vitamin D. Be careful, forskolin have to be taken on empty stomach… 30 min before food intake, preferably in the morning, because otherwise i had diarrhea.

Aren’t we trying to downregulate our AR because they are already upregulated?

Just received my Forskolin today, I will report back.

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