Just A Heads Up Coronavirus

In case I die from it…I have a bad feeling about all this…Those that have followed me here know my physical situation and deterioration…I can breath well at all now from just walking around and physical symptoms of swelling and weight gain are worse than ever…

So I am really concerned I have job that is essential staff that requires me to be there and the virus is starting to spread now like wildfires.

So I have seen a lot of young folks who have died from it this week here in the states…With a system already compromised its worrying…I went from running 30 miles a week to a shell that can’t even mow my own yard anymore without almost collapsing from exhaustion…

I have been lucky to have had this job that requires no physical effort really for the last six years as my pfs symptoms really started intensifying in 2016 and each year was worse than the last after that point…Its true that mentally I am somewhat improved but does you little good with a destroyed body and health…

Soi don’t know what the future of this virus will bring but its gonna get a lot worse before this summer and the future of pfs looks even bleaker with nothing new on the horizon and in what looks to me anyway as interference from outside entity’s to prevent what studies that have been done from seeing the light of day…


Where are you seeing that young people in the states are dying?


U watching the news?? 34 year old dude died today and a 42 year old woman…He had just flown to Disney world…High rates of pneumonia in younger people in the states and Itlay are leading to a lot of hospitalizations…If you cant breath already its concerning…U folks who were only left with a dead dick after pfs are lucky.


If you really think that you’re in particular peril from this, then can’t you apply for some sort of pass from working? Or quit the job?

i see where you are coming from and i was worried since day 1 of the outbreak cause it sounded different than any other (similar) incident, i just hope it disappears as we are approaching warmer months of the year

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Anyone with lung issues should be concerned…That’s the trouble with pfs u don’t know what is causing all these symptoms…I cant breath well or exercise anymore is it just the brain neuro steroid or are there actually something physically wrong with my lungs or cardiovascular system?? These are the troubling questions…

Are you diagnosed with lung damage or disease? I get the panic man, but there’s still a lot we don’t know about this and we don’t need more anxiety around here. The 34 year old from Disneyland had lung scarring from bronchitis plus immunocompromised from cancer

I also had testicular cancer 20 years ago…I haven’t had anything but if you can’t even walk up a staircase and get your breath its alarming with a disease like Covid going around they don’t know shit about…Either axienty or fairytales is all u see anymore and why is every post here any.ore turn into an argument or the same old thing over and over in a cycle…This place is horrible much like this disease I’ll give u that!

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The 34 year old was asthmatic.

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It’s in my county now…My point…U have got an olympic gold medal swimmer 31 who contracted coronavirus who can’t walk to the bathroom without getting out of breath…I already can’t walk far without difficulty either…What do u think is gonna happen if I get it? This shit is bad news its affecting a lot of young people.


It’s awful and fools downplaying the risk need to turn on the news. We had a 21 year old girl with no pre-existing medical conditions die from it for christ sake! I work in health care too @holyhead so I get why you’re concerned.

Lol, this is some world historical shit. Projections from current statistical modelling with put global deaths at a number higher than that of WWII. 70% of the world population infected at IFR of 1% + health care overcapacity would certainly do it. The economic fallout will kill many more. The global stock market has imploded and countries have converted to wartime economies. Billionaires like Bezos have scuttled off to their New Zealand bunkers. The working class and poor especially populations of the global south (but frankly also many in Amerika and the global north) will get culled. This is nothing like the flu, but a pneumonic virus hyper-evolved to be highly infectious and highly virulent that attacks all four lobes in the lungs, heart, stomach, kidneys, and other organs. And now also this: https://www.scmp.com/news/china/science/article/3077113/wuhan-doctors-plan-long-term-look-coronavirus-impact-male-sex PFSx2 for us.

It can either leave you unscathed, or like what holyhead said, even highly fit athletes can be reduced to an 80 year old with emphysema, intubated in the ICU if you’re even lucky to get a spot. Even if you survive it, we don’t know this yet but there’s a chance that it could cause chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic dyspnea if it’s anything like SARS 1.

I am disabled by PFS and rely on family to survive. They have chronic illnesses and are in the most vulnerable demographic for covid-19. I am pretty sure I am not unique in my situation. So yeah, this shit is fucking serious. History is happening.


Are you able to self isolate?

The constant 24/7 negativity from the media will have a placebo effect on some people and make them sick.

The best thing for people to do is just not worry.


I agree with you here. I’ve actually deleted the twitter app from my phone this morning.

All we can do is self-isolate (where possible), socially distance when we do have to leave the house and maintain good hygiene. Beyond that we’re pretty much powerless. Worrying just adds to an already difficult situation.

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If you are concerned about your lung function with whats going on right now, maybe consider getting a pulse oximeter. If your not already familiar with this, its just a small device they use in triage to determine oxygen saturation which could also be a key indicator of respiratory distress.
Between this and checking your temperature, its probably the best a person could do to monitor themselves.

One of my old galaxy phones would read your 02 sat .u just put your finger on the back it had a sensor…I don’t think these new ones do it anymore…My temp is staying around 96…

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Did this start at the beginning of your symptoms? The way I get out of breath and breathe has changed dramatically since all of this. It’s like a empty, hollow feeling inside of my body and my lungs. Like if I run, I get out of breath but it’s not the same visceral, total body feeling that it was before. Hard to explain.