Joint popping/clicking issues... Please help

So this is now my most serious symptom.

Does anyone know what could be causing this issue? From looking around the board, this issue can be due to:

  • Low E2
  • Low cortisol
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Dry joints

Has anyone successfully treated this problem?

Since I started back on my rheumatoid treatment it’s stopped but you’ll no get access to that. Shows its treatable

What does this rheumatold treatment do?
Does it affect your hormones?

It knocks out the t calls which are immune system related and thus suppresses the natural inflammatory response. Even though with PFS it is hormone related it shows that dampening down the immune system may help. I used to take Devils claw for my rheum many years ago. Unsure if it hits PFS but could be worth a try/consideration. In not advocating so do your research. Best of luck

Ahh. So I guess your joint popping is immune system-related.

I keep fearing that I have osteoarthritis. Fuck… I think I need to get MRI.

are you talking about prednisone? or corticosteriods?

I‘ve been thinking that these noises may result from lack of collagen as these tissues involve substantially of it.And the fact me taking collagen recently has observerd significantliy improvement on ED confirm that.Since dht blocking cause to collagen to be less produced,they may have become more prone to make noises as tissues weakened.collagen(type 2) ease my knee pain from frayed meniscus too.

Do you notice any difference in your face such as low subcutaneous fat?

So are you saying that taking collagen resulted in less joint popping noise?

I also have more popping in my joints now - and looser flabby skin - this seems like Ehler Danlos Syndrome type of thing. There is possibly a problem with collagen production or something.

I’m considering taking collagen but haven’t some people crashed on it?

Could be, but I don’t have looser skin.
I did get very easy bruises from March to April (Just squeezing my forearms was enough to bruise them), but that resolved over time.

No mate my rheum settled right down with having low test then when it returned to normal levels it still wasn’t getting through due to the receptors being damaged. All of my joints remained stable and my Proff concurred that high test prior to PFS aggrevated the condition. Then approx 1 year ago my shoulders became really bad. I’d never had shoulder trouble with 30 years of rheum. I believe this was down to estrogen as no other joints were effected. However my treatment was restarted and the shoulder problems stopped after a few months.

I see. Thanks for sharing.

I feel that all my other symptoms are improving. It’s just the joint popping noise that hasn’t been improving. I’m worried that there was some kind of internal physical damage to my joints during the first months of PFS.

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no i didn’ knees are less likely to snap or crack,but not other it has an improvement on me at can give it a try if it make sense to you.

How long have you had joint popping noises?

4 months,and been on collagen for 3 week.