Joint inflammation and bone pain

For those that have these particular problems has it subsided with time.???

I was previously getting severe muscle pain, then it dropped off and moved to the joints and bones a few months ago it’s got to the stage where I cant dress myself, drive the car, perform routine tasks. 5 % bend in my elbows, cant close hands, move my fingers it’s acute and my shoulders are knawing I can’t take any meds or supps either. Cold showers aren’t even taking the edge off. Food plays a part but even with avoidance it’s not subsiding. I can’t touch bone heads at times.

It could be estrogen, cortisol disfunction inflammation, liver disease, lipodystrophy or a combination of all 4

Views/experiences are greatly appreciated

Thanks Laz


Dear Laz

I’m not at 5% of the time you deal with this shit. Holy shit!

The state doesn’t get things managed no more is really hard. First loosing social surrounding, than job, wife and family and than getting more and more unable to put on the clothes. I can imagine how it feels to loose the last abilities.

After only one year muscles atrophied to a state now joints and tendons become instable. To do even one training the whole day I walked the stairs up and down from the basement to the loft in the attic and my knees hurt know. Walking through the little forest my achilles tendons hurt now.

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Despite what you think youre doing a great job my friend not many people cope with this level of suffering and you even drop in humour 1nce in a while and considering you’re all alone in this, isolated from the world. The neurosteroids reduction levels is also variable. Some have if a loss worse than others . I commend you

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