Jaw/Gums Loss and recession

Hi guys. My most troubling side besides ED has been a complete change in my facial structure. My eyes hollowed out, I lost fat around cheek bones, and worst of all my jaw seems to have gotten smaller along with my chin. My face looks skinnier and gaunt. While I hate the way it looks on the outside, what’s really worrying me is what’s happening on the inside. I’ve started to feel sensations in my teeth and gums, and realized that my gums have receded a fair amount. As a result, my mouth is more sensitive and my teeth are slightly loose. I’m scared about this being bad bone and gum loss. I’m seeing a dentist tomorrow.
Has anyone dealt with this? What were your experiences? I don’t want to lose my teeth or gums or anything. My face doesn’t look too different to the average person but I just want to make sure this damage on the inside doesn’t continue.

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Ive had gum grafts which didn’t take. I’ve also had teeth replaced. My face has also been effected with dents and creping. I believe Its down to collagen loss and lowered dht. The gum issue seems to be abating after 3 years but that could be because the recession has maxed out. My face is continuing to worsen. Shrinkage, muscle loss etc is across my whole body. Collagen drinks used to help with all of these symptoms a few year ago, but be careful I have since developed an intolerance

That’s insane…
How bad did it get? Did teeth fall out?
My face is also messed up but it isn’t awful.

I lost maybe 1.5 cm in tissue. The bleeding started approx 1 year ago . Had 6 teeth replaced upper central. Longer ones to cover the loss the originals felt loose. My gums bleed daily but recession has slowed. Could be that I’ve since cut out lots of foods that we’re adding to my woes a year back.

As I mentioned elsewhere, earlier this week I cracked my fourth tooth in the last 9 months. Started Proscar one year ago, only used it 90 days. Got to be a connection.

Most PFS-ers have low Vitamin D levels.

Start taking vitamin D3 daily, and get a blood test for it in a month. Or get a blood test before you start.

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I had rapid gum recession at some point after stopping fin. I noticed new sensitivity in my teeth and my dentist was alarmed.

It sucks, but at least the gums stopped receding.