It's just a small minority

Look how many people are enjoying the spectacle. It’s just a small minority being fed to the lions. Not a big deal.


I was also that majority. Before this i wouldnt believe this desease, there are a lot of medics (dermatologists), youtubers, subreddits saying that everything is false, that these drugs are safe, that what we see are not side effects, that even the known sexual sides its because trials involved people that are almost anciest. In my case i believed an spanish dermatologists that analized papers about side effects, he always had a “logical” reason to dismiss the reported sides efect.

They have woven a consistent and logical lie that I myself fell for. It is also true that 99% of people never develop worrisome symptoms. So…we are there, only science can provee what is happening to us. Our words at this moment are not enough.

If i were able to read my thread 4 months ago (before pfs) i would believe im just simply crazy. And as i said its not our bad its because there is something failing in the pharmaceutical sector, once a medicine is approved , its easier to Believe the Big pharma.


The only thing that’s crazy is developing a drug to mimic the blood hormone levels of pseudo hermaphrodites and marketing said drug for a cosmetic issue. Oh and don’t let your pregnant wife touch the drug, the baby could end up deformed.


Yeah they knew what poison they were/are selling. There is no doubt about that. They play with the “”“low”""" incidence and with the difficulty of prove the disease. And If someday we prove this is a poison they Will just pay the fee (after years of gains) and they Will have another poison to sell (all of this with intact reputation ofc)