Itchy sensitive nipple?


Sometimes I get on my right nipple, itchiness and maybe a little sore, not the whole pec, just the nipple region

it happens right as i feel my sides are stronger, and i recall it right before I crashed during my temporary recovery

anyone have any clue what it means?

Ive seen some reference to it being a rise in estrogen, either i saw that here or on a body building forum, but i can’t find any evidence that this is what it means

can anyone help?

I might be overanalysing sides, but i think they give us a clue as to what is specifically happening to our bodies, and maybe one day a clue on how to treat it


i have no sensitivity on my nipple …heat/cold! none

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Do they get hard time to time with no reason. I started to experience hard nipples for like 3-4 months. Don’t remember when i noticed it. But i push with my palm on to them when i experience, its become a habit.

My nipples erect and i feel a bad irritating feeling when they erect, they erect when i experience emotionally strong thoughts! Im a writer, and whenever i feel excited and feel intense emotions while thinking with music, my nipples get hard!! It never happened before, and im scared of this is a beginning of a new important problem… there is no pain, no lumps, no itching/sensitive feel like when i was in puberty… i just wonder if this is an indication of something worse will happen?

Anyone have this nipple hardenings with emotional changes in day?