It would be interesting if someone could take this exam

We know that PFS and PSSD have many symptoms in common and that patients who have had COVID for a long time also have symptoms very similar to the two syndromes mentioned. In research, patients with PSSD have tested positive for G protein autoantibodies. It would be interesting if someone with PFS could have the same tests for G protein autoantibodies, as it would explain many issues such as these feelings we have of inflammation in the body.
Ps: I am not creating this post to discredit the research supported by the foundation, because it will be 3 months since my life was completely changed after using 5 alpha reductase blockers and I, like all of us, have the foundation as the only hope of discovery cure for our condition, but I think it’s super valid if someone could do the tests to see if there is also this relationship of confirming this autoimmune property in our condition, since we have so many symptoms in common.

Since no one opened the post to take a look… I took it from a patient who had PSSD on another forum and had autoantibody tests and two tests were positive… Once again it would be interesting if someone tried to do a blood test to detect these autoantibodies to see if it’s positive too, as the two syndromes have many common symptoms; pssd and pfs. Here is the photo of the exams that the patient did.I will try to do these exams here in Brazil, if someone also tried to do it, it would be interesting.!

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How can I get this done?

Also have a look at this!

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blood exams!