It this just posible?

I don’t even know how to start…Mates… Right now I would say that now i’m in one of the worst situation ever…
And I wonder…how it can be posible, regarding at that I was recovered already? I’ve done som other posts here where you can read my history… But I’ve never heard nothing like this here… Staying recovered 100%, so much recovered, for so much time… last summer I had a 2nd crash after being almos 2 years recovered. And fucking hell, I got recovered again… but it lasted just 2 months… the bad things actually one.
And now… a fucking 3rd time! I can’t sleep, my digestions are shit, sexually I’m not impotent but I’m not working good and my libido is near to 0… But the worst thing is the fucking energy… Again like last summer, I cant even do the usual things, everything I do is like a super effort… I’m working but of course not in my 100% of performance…
God… I didn’t take any medicine or drug to stay like this again… I was fucking good and now is 2 months that i’m suffering again the sides… Any idea guys…? some of you got 100% well and then bada again? or super bad atually…?? …
Thank you guys…


Fucking hell, how that happened? Perhaps alcohol abuse? But it should not matter as you said you were recovered for 2 years, this is a long time without sides, everyone else on your place will be sure he is recovered. This illness is fucking plague!

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Someone needs to do time for this hell


Imagine, if 2 years time is not enough, the one with PFS probably must be stress free, eating healthy, not drinking not smoking, staying away from meds for life. It might turn out that PFS is something like diabetes, you have to take your insulin or avoid sugar and keep healthy way of living for all your life… Insane!


Yeah I know… I recovered completely in april 2016 more or less, but anyway from the beggining of 2016 I was quite good. So until last summer I was fucking good (it’s true that in summer of 2017 I had some little problems… but so mild and I recovered again quite fast)… Last summer was horrible actualy, like a second crash… but fucking hell… I recovered again! by september I was quite good again… And now… fucking 3rd time I’m bad… the shit is that now i’m feeling is lasting too much… I feel so so so tired, no sleep, problems in sex drive and libido, digestions shit… no morning erections… god…Waiting for the result of fucking big blood test… will see… And hope I can recover again.

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You will recover again probably, but this shit is weird as hell. I mean your case is weird beacuse you recovered doing nothing and crashed doing nothing… Stay ok.

It’s actually unbelievable… To be sincere… first time I recovered… I was feeling so so good that I start to live normally (drinking, smoking sometimes… I even took cocaine once in 2016)… And nothing affected me I swear… and as I was saying in 2017 I had a little episode of being tired… libido not too high… and that time I was going out most of the weekend an having stress etc… Last summer maybe was the same, I was going out some weekend and drinking… But this fucking time is one year that I’m not drinking or smoking or whatever… Quite healthy live… So mate… I don’t have explanation…

Sorry to hear about that David. I’d take the positive position that if you’ve recovered before you can again, is there really no pattern you can identify?

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Thank you so much dude, I actually have hope… but when you are in such a bad moment u can’t believe… even when you have recovered so many times from the same sides… But yeah will se in some weeks.
Keep going.

I’ve thinking and taking a look to all thing for identify a pattern… The only thing I’ve seen is that all the times I’ve had such a big downs have been in summer… The other thing I saw is that both in 2017 and 2018 I was having a bit of emotional stress for a girlfriend I had… But this summer didn’t have any emotional stress.
All july i’ve been quite bad…
By february of this year, I was so good (like 100% recovered) and I got a trip for this august to have a hair transplant in turkey. I did it this august, and of course, didnt take any drug, not lotion or shampoo…didn’t even take natural vitamins… so I think this didn’t worsen my sides… I was bad in july anyway.
I know guys that you may think i’m an asshole for thinking im my hair with all that happened… But I was living normal live again…I was good and I wanted to see myself as I good and confident…so this is why I decided in february book the trip for turkey…
Well, I will answer your survey asap Greek.
Thank guy for your support.

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Yes honestly this was my kneejerk reaction before I’d even read everything.

Summer, sun and vitamin d can be problem.
I have crashed many times cause of that.
Hoping you will recover soon!

And how r u now?

Hi guys,

Since my last message, and again, suddenly, next day (10 of september) I got so much better. Not perfect, but so much better… I was having an extreme lack of energy, horrible kind of brainfog or irreality, sexual an so on… And suddenly on 9th afternoon I felt better above all in terms of energy and brainfog… On 10th I woke up with a quite hard erection and libido raised up quite a lot, so during 3 days I was pretty much better, maybe 80% recovered.
Every time that this has happened then I stay like this and improve and stay like 100% recovered for so many months… but this time… On friday I woke up again a bit tired… ;( and again libido went down, brainfog etc etc… So now I’m not as bad as I was in august but I’m not good…don’t even close…fucking ups and downs…
I’m taking vitamins and still waiting for my blood test results… Thanks guys will update my state if I get better again… that actually I hope that happen.

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Hello guys,

I got my blood tests… Again, Vitamin D came really low.
Also, some vitamins and defenses came high too that indicates there’s some bacteries inside the body (that is what my endocronologist said)…

Guys, I’ve reading some recovery cases… or people that got better some sides… And 100% of them never went back once they recovered 100% or close to 100%… As I’ve said many time I recovered 100% during so many months… then crashed again and recovered 100% again during so manu months…

And now I’m bad again…Right now my symptoms are like depression… crying, kind of brainfog or irreality, no enjoying anything… sexually I’m no doing 100% but I can most of the times… Libido is so low though… All the times I’ve had problems with pfs my biggest problem has been sexual… Now is not the biggest… I’m even thinking in take an ansiolitic I took in my first crash that I think that helped me, cause it’s to hard to go on now…Do you guys think all this is PFS?? Is it possible that almost 6 years since I stopped taking and recovered 100% so many months and more than 1 time still have side effects…??
Would you recommend take the medicine…??? Or would you wait and would take vitamin D first (that my endo got me already)…
Thank you and best regards guys.