It might sound weird but...hypnosis?

What about hypnosis.

I have heard that it helps in many ways. Maybe It could help with the loss of libido, etc.

What do you guys think?

Ok, go ahead and give it a try… but I personally think you are totally out to lunch, especially if your hormones are screwed up.

These types of threads are just silly… come on Cepo, you know better than this…please stop grasping for straws, all the evidence of what Finasteride can do to a man (that we know of) is on this site and hypnosis isn’t going to cure a shrunken dick no more than it will suddenly cure your libido issues.

This drug’s main action is by altering men’s hormones and shrinking of the prostate… I can 99.9% guarantee paying for hypnosis would be equivalent to flushing water down the toilet. The only thing it might do is make you stop worrying and thinking about stuff as much… but hypnosis will not correct hormones.

I’m not being pessismistic, I’m being realistic… but good luck to you if you want to try it.

This thread inspired me to try. I tried Ericksonian hypnosis three days ago and it really helped with depression. I had been having day dreams of being dead since PFS started and for the last three days I have not thought of it.
I also had a feeling of being more in touch with my body after the session.

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Had a second Ericksonian hypnosis session today. Makes it so much easier to deal with the symptoms of PFS.

Ok Guys, I have now done 7 sessions of Ericksonian hypnosis and I am happy to report that suicidal ideation is almost entirely gone. I am doing many other things such as homeopathy, acupuncture and HCG as well as exercise and keto, but I really attribute the betterment in suicidal ideation to Ericksonian hypnosis.