It has been 10 years since the drug was stopped. It got worse

Side effects have worsened since last month.

Lactic acid drink or stress,

There are two things you can think of.

Libido 30 → 0

Cialis has stopped working.

Cialis is no longer effective.

What should I do from now on :question:

Cialis is no longer effective.

You didn’t improved on cognitive symptoms?

I’m really sorry to see you struggling

Thank you.

Cognitive symptoms have improved.

Sexual function, mental,

It was manageable.

It’s been crazy since last month.

Would you like to return to baseline again?

Is there such a thing?

did you take anything that might have inadvertantly worsened things?

Antiandrogens, supplements,

Not taken.

I don’t know the food.

I don’t know that food has worsened side effects so far.