Isotrentoin is being trialled as a covid 19 treatment

Can’t link on tablet but looks like this is getting attention.

I was just reading something that kind of surprised me, a study on the accumulation of retinyl esters in the lung. The lungs might be a storage site for vitamin a and there could be some reasons for this.

Should know results around July, im not surprised they are using it, seeing as covid hits the elderly and obese so hard, where RA would be lacking.

Seems they are using 14 day aerosol applications.

Hopefully a short treatment won’t teach the body to alter RA metabolism or reinfection may be an issue.

Regarding lungs they need RA too.

Obviously I have to say what jumped out at me right away,
Retinoic Acid Depletion Syndrome.
I could add to it,
Post-Retinoic Acid Depletion Syndrome.
Some of this is fact, some theory.

COVID-19: Endogenous Retinoic Acid Theory and Retinoic Acid Depletion Syndrome

Retinoids must play a role in the functioning of the mature lung because they are proving to be pharmacologically useful in treating certain lung diseases. The lung is a major tissue for the storage of retinol as retinyl esters. Exogenous RA can stimulate retinol uptake and storage in the lung; for example, when neonatal rats were treated with retinol combined with retinoic acid (RA; 9- cis -RA; Am580, an analog of RA) lung retinyl esters increased approximately 5–7 times more than after an equal amount of retinol alone. Thus, retinoids are stored in the lung and active retinoids regulate the level of precursor storage

Let me make it even more clear cut as to how im looking at this.

PFS: Endogenous Retinoic Acid Theory and Retinoic Acid Depletion Syndrome

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Yeah, I saw this before and was pretty shocked but not surprised by this.

What I take note of from this study:
Shows how the body changes/adapts in a high RA environment.
High RA levels can lead to depletion.
RA deficiency/depletion is bad.

Now maybe someone like @Dubya_B can chip in, but I think isotrentoin uses or upregulates the same pathway.

I guess when we took Accutane did the system get used to using the same pathway of depletion to a certain degree?

So post covid fatigue is probably very similar to post accutane fatigue.

The question here would be if the storage form of Vitamin A is depleted or not (ie serum retinol). In the case of decreased raldh2 expression, this limits the synthesis of retinoic acid from dietary or supplement forms of Vitamin A.

This study present two new concepts and definitions to the medical literature. One of those is “endogenous retinoic acid theory” and the other “retinoic acid depletion syndrome”. A new classification will be provided for the immune system: “retinoic acid dependent component” and “retinoic acid non-dependent component”. If this theory is verified, all the diseases where the retinoic acid metabolism is defective and retinoic acid levels are low will be identified and new approaches will be developed for treating such diseases.

Raldh2 may be decreased in elderly.

Yes, its a good question.

I might get my serum retinol level tested on Monday just to double check this.
I believe I have tested this in the past and its always been in range.
If there were a case of reduced expression of raldh2, a person could maybe shows signs of both vitamin a toxicity (excess retinol/retinal) and deficiency (defective retinoic acid metabolism) almost simultaneously.

Accutane could reduce the expression of raldh2, or the body’s own natural production of RA.

Conversely, raldh2 expression is reduced with RA treatment. Tests of the raldh2 promoter in cell transfections proved that RA directly represses its activity.

Let me know, as you know mine are never high or normal high even on supplements.

Would be interesting to compare results with a fellow accutane user.

ok, but your serum retinol has always been in range?

Yes, it sits in the low normal section, it only goes up in the range on 100,000iu daily retinyl palmitate.

When I stop retinyl palmitate or lower dose it goes back to low normal really fast (within days).

To me serum retinol might determine if vitamin a would need to be supplemented or not.
Based on my experience in the past with vitamin a supplements, i’m assuming vitamin a storage might not be the issue, but it could be the conversion to its active form retinoic acid.

Bacteria fight viruses btw, they also fight other bacteria. In regards to the authors hypothesis I would add the thought that bacteria may play a role in what he’s terming retinoic acid depletion syndrome.

What Bacteria Do When They Get Sick · Frontiers for Young … › articles

by JL Weissman — In fact, most viruses in the world infect bacteria , not people. What happens when a bacterium gets infected by a virus ?

Looking at this test,

Serum retinol is typically maintained until hepatic stores are almost depleted.
This assay does not measure other vitamin A metabolites such as retinaldehyde (retinal) and retinoic acid.

^Its important to keep that second part in mind.

True, but many studies have shown say for example obesity causes high retinol, low RA. Non obese the opposite.

So i assume it should be more movable within normal range within myself, but it just doesn’t.

Classic example is obesity surgery causes quite sharp drops in retinol.

There is a possibility that accutane exposure changed retinol somehow.

RA still could an issue if body is only working towards a set retinol level.

Reference Range: 38-98 mcg/dL

This was in range, which I kind of assumed it would be.
I dont think intake or storage of vitamin a is an issue.

Looking at the above authors theory, I would take this a step further and look more so at retinoic acid metabolism itself, not just the storage form.

COVID-19: Endogenous Retinoic Acid Theory and Retinoic Acid Depletion Syndrome

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Thanks for posting.

Exactly what I was expecting aswell.

Yet people on another forum are going anti A to achieve your result, because they feel theirs is too high in the range.

I guess one thing to consider is if at a receptor or cell level RA is being ignored, maybe? RA not used or increased breakdown?

I guess alot of things to consider.