Is this too good to be true?

Hi guys,

I just stumbled across a video that really got me excited. I almost dismissed it since the title sounded very esoteric. But the fact that they are talking science got me interested.

It is about the concept of earthing/grounding yourself, meaning that you exchange electrons with the ground, which is what we hardly ever do since we are living in houses, sleep in beds and wear plastic shoes all day. Given that a huge amount of processes in our body, including brain activity are bio-electrical, this is quite impactful. Just note, that every other animal on the planet is constantly grounded.

How impactful this state of being non-grounded can be on our health, is shown in the video by astonishing, peer reviewed results from a growing amount of papers (video link below). I read through some of the papers and I got very excited.

I wanted to wait with this post until I have some results to show for, but I am only 3 days in and the results are already mind-blowing. Yesterday, on day two, I had so much energy throughout the day I continued working until late in the evening just because I loved the motivation I had. It’s also been the first day in a long time that I didn’t crave a nap after lunch.

And then I had the best sleep I had in forever. Usually I ALWAYS wake up at night and can’t fall asleep for an hour or two. Today, I slept 7 hours straight. It was amazing.

As a quick summary, I took propecia for 6 years, had a crash with all the neurological and sexual symptoms and recovered from most of them by exercise and meditation. I have still a low libido and sensitivity and the one thing that didn’t recover at all since the 3 years I crashed was sleep. So you can understand why I am so excited.

To hopefully get you excited, too, other effects that have been shown by research are reduced inflammation, heart-rate, blood pressure and cortisol levels (the producer of the video recovered her libido which was attributed to recovering from adrenal fatigue)

Now if you think walking outside barefoot for two hours is something you can’t incorporate into your day, I fully agree. I couldn’t sustain that either. Luckily, grounding yourself is very easy, since every socket in your house has an earthing. So you can get an earthing mat, lie on your couch and be grounded while watching TV in the evening. I have my feet on a mat writing this article and I have one spanning my bed so I am grounded all night. I even saw earthing mousepads on amazon so you can ground yourself during work without being the weirdo barefoot guy.

These earthing products are pretty expensive on amazon, but you can easily do them yourself. I got a conductive fleece (, some cables and electric plugs from the local recyling point and set my and my girlfriends home up with a couple of mats and bed covers. If you search earthing DIY on youtube you’ll find plenty of videos how to do it.

I’ll update here on any progress or non-progress over the following weeks. Of course I hope my libido will improve some but if it’s “just” the sleep I’ll be very happy.

All the best to you,

And kind of a summary video of the quite long one:

It sounds like your body is healing. Earthing really is worth trying for better sleep. It still requires some caution and trial and error if you are suffering from serious insomnia or adrenal fatigue. I don’t know about other countries but much of the ground in the USA even up in the mountains now has ac current running through it from the power stations. If you are discharging by grounding and getting some natural dc current by earthing either by walking barefoot or by attaching a rod into the soil and then running a wire to your bed, you could also be getting charged which might make you hyperactive and unable to sleep for that night or even a few nights. Earthing and grounding for short stints like a half hour nap are one way to gauge your body’s reaction.

Thanks, good insights. I live in Munich but will investigate about currency in the soil. At the moment I probably ground 14h a day because I work in homeoffice and it’s easy to just place my feet on the mat.

I’m feeling absolutely exhilarated today and am looking forward to the next weeks.

This is all pseudoscientific nonsense, but if you feel it improves you life, by all means, practice it. Looks innocent enough.


Such a pity for you. Let’s bet on the medical community, they really care for you and know what they’re doing. That’s why medicine (which is real science) can’t create drugs that can fuck your health. -contains irony-


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I prefer facts rather than fairytales, as beautiful and hopeful as they can be.


Believing a med will solve a philological problem feels a lot like a fairytale, honestly. And here we are

So who do you intend to believe? A quack looking to make a quick buck?

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This is a big problem in this community. Just because we got injured by certain medications, it does not mean we must now dismiss all of allopathic and evidence based medicine and proceed to replace it with some baseless pseudoscientific shit.


ofmg evidence based

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$cientific evidence $how$ that finasteride can’t cause persistent side effects. Wake up to life.

Hard to believe anyone these days, even more when understanding how the world works. But I’m pretty sure that the science (pharmacy) that fucked lots and lots of people is not one of those who is worth a fuckin trust.

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No my brother, you’re the one that needs to wake up. Do you really believe that none of the drugs used in allopathic medicine are required? Corticosteroids, antibiotics, antivirals, hormone replacement etc etc. Don’t let your hatred towards what happened to you cloud all your logic man, that’s the only advice I have for you.

Great news that you’re feeling better.

Unfortunately, grounding is not the answer.

I’m going to close this thread.