Is this a "theoretical" cure at the genomic level?


Hey guys,

I read this article about two researchers who are working on a version of CRISPR that seems like it would be the theoretical cure of our ailments.

It is a modified version of CRISPR (possibly related to dcas9) that, “leaves DNA letters alone but adds or removes genetic silencers”.

The researcher who developed this technique is Shawn Liu and calls it “DNA methylation editing”.

Maybe he’d be interested in our situation. Who knows.


This technology has been used in mice to successfully activate/deactivate specific genes.

Yes, it’s a plausible cure once we know what exactly is going on at the molecular level.


Ah I see, thanks. While this situation stinks, I am grateful that the age of CRISPR is among us so we should always be hopeful. “Redesigning life/ Synthetic Biology” was just featured on the most recent Economist cover, so this is getting pretty big.

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