Is there some hierarchy to what therapeutic efforts we should be taking?


It’s been 30 months since I quit Finasteride and I haven’t found anything to remedy my sexual side effects. I am wondering if there is a safer/more logical hierarchy to what I should try.

I’ve tried R-Andro, Tribulus, Maca, Cabergoline, Magnesium, Potassium, Amino Acids, Zinc, weightlifting, fasting. Despite this, I feel like I’ve never taken my libido off of the 0% mark.

Am I doing things wrong? Should I start giving up hope and accepting that’s a part of my life I need to let go of?


Personally I’d try any type of test or other anabolics before I give up my libido


I’d keep at it. I tried the ignore and move on approach. You just get older and lose time. We have to get this fixed if we are to ever have families and be something other than solitary workers with no purpose.


We’d have a better idea of what might have a benefit if people had diligently recorded their experiences, doses, symptoms and everything else.

It’s pretty ridiculous that our best information is “X worked for me!” Then no further posts.

Anyone who thinks that there is a benefit in taking part in these “trials” would be doing themselves a favour if they recorded things accurately. Even if it doesn’t work we would have more information to work with - knowing what doesn’t work could be part of the journey to what might. At the very least, why keep testing the same failed methods?


Sometimes I get the feeling that we might have to accept a lot of these losses including libido. I haven’t really seen many people get it back especially those that are severely affected. Maybe some minorly affected guys idk. What else is there to try? Supplements, dopamine agonists, hormones? Same shit. And sometimes it makes people worse. I am working with Dr. Goldstein but I am not really hopeful. I agree with trying stuff cause I don’t think there is any significant natural healing just learning to live with it. And I don’t think I can live with all this damage.


Don’t most people end up worse by going that route?


What symtoms besides libido trouble you?


Maintaining erection, frequent urination


It goes either way, I’m close to trying bc the prep I’m taking helps slightly but mostly improves brain fog