Is there hope for me?

Hey guys, I’m a 27 man from Brazil and I developed pfs while on finasteride. I started taking 1mg a day and when I started my second month I started to feel super anxious. All the time, with a lot of panic. I can’t barely leave my house now, I’m in constant stress and anxiety and it’s killing me. I honestly don’t know if I want to live anymore cause it seems like it’s never going away. I feel like I’m gonna faint all the time.

Does it get better? I just took it for 30 days. I feel hopeless. I just want it to stop. =(

Welcome to our community @vicot, I’m sorry to read you’ve been suffering with these devastating symptoms.

There can certainly be variable improvement, particularly within the first 6 - 12 months. How long ago did you quit finasteride? In fact, could you make a member story so we have more information about the details of your situation?

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