Is there anything you can do if you have insulin resistance and heart issues from finasteride? (diabetes)

The above study shows a link between type 2 diabetes and finasteride use. personally speaking, i have been unable to tolerate too many sweets/carb foods without feeling nauseous, weak, faint, pale, chest pain. as I type right now, I have mild chest pain. ive had these issues all year, and it’s only today that I’ve found that there is indeed a link between insulin problems and finasteride use.

so, rather than panic about it and lament all of the time, I’m desperately seeking help from anyone who has any treatments or therapeutic efforts they could kindly offer me to solve this and not have potential pre-diabetes or full blown diabetes. I do regularly exercise, ~150mins per week, i eat a roughly balanced diet as well.

any help is appreciated. thank you.

also, i should mention that i’m pretty sure I have insulin problems because I have chronic fatigue, lost 15-20 pounds for no explainable reason two years ago and cannot gain it back, have an abundance of belly fat, frequent urination, sometimes experience dehydration (got kidney stones as a result of that), very slow healing cuts and sores, unexplainable red spots/pimples on stomach that have lingered for two months.

Get tested instead of just speculating.

Don’t waste your and my time posting on my threads. You obviously don’t like me, so do us both a favour and add me to your ignore list.

I don’t even know if it’s worth me posting my response but why not.

I’ve gone to my doctor and had some testing done which came back negative, however the a1c test is apparently 73% inaccurate, and he wouldn’t offer me the oral glucose sugar drink test. And given that in Canada you can’t just go to a specialist and pay for a test, i would have to try travelling to another country like the us. I’m not sure if even be able to do that right now with the current covid climate.

My dr offered me the glucose test. Do you think i should do it as well? I mean what could they offer me if they did indeed say I have insulin resistance?

If your doctor thinks it’s worth it, then sure, why not get it tested? I’m not sure what you mean with your second question. If you’re asking what they can do if you have insulin resistance, I personally don’t know, but I’ll try to find out as I plan on seeing my doctor next week.

That’s the exact same thing I said to you before you accused me of disliking you (I assure you I don’t know you and thus don’t have an opinion one way or the other).

All you said was, “Get tested instead of just speculating.” That response is devoid of any empathy as far as I can tell, which didn’t sit well with me because here I am suffering with what I think is insulin resistance, and all you can come up with is seven words. My response to him was a lot more than seven words, and I’m not a doctor so I didn’t want to go telling him things that I’m uninformed about.

You were fairly rude to me in this thread that I made a while ago:

I apologise for coming across a bit abrupt.


Well thank you very much for apologizing. It takes character to do that. I also apologize if I sounded too emotional or argumentative.


Berberin 500mg 3 times a day should have a massvie impact on your bloodsuger its has the same effect like metformin but its a plant and and q10 200mg is very good for your heart .