Is there any way to regain the loss of penis size?


Sign up, it’s a free forum dedicated to penis enlargement, I personally gained an 1" in length and .5" in girth doing PE (this was before I ever knew propecia existed). And even if you don’t buy into it, there’s great info on ED treatment through exercises. Perhaps you’re having blood flow (ie: ED) issues which may account for your lost size. Honestly any guy should give the forum a look, the information you’ll find there is invaluable. Very supportive community as well.

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How much did you exactly lose?


Ive also lost alot of my penis size in length and girth. I have alot of the other classic PFS that the rest of you have. This is definately worse than all the others combined.

I shrunk up to about 50% of the flaccid size when I crashed about 6 weeks after going off Fin. Some size came back but nothing close to normal. But, I also take cialis and xtendez DAILY. Maybe this has helped and without it I’d go back to crash level.

By the way, all evidence shows that there are no real exercises to “grow” your penis by either length or girth. Its hogwash.

Anyone here who experienced the shrinkage EVER regain all their size?? So far I havnt seen anyone who has.

I’m wondering if daily cialis might be a good idea for a lot of us. Perhaps we should be following the same path as men who have had radical prostatechtomies and are advised to do same.

When I first went on the cialis it helped alot. I’d advise it to everybody here to take it. I dont see the downside to it. You would think that anything that gets more bloodflow down there is a good idea. But after about a month it wasnt quite as effective. Maybe thats just me. Dunno.

Odd that my penis shrunk up so much but my testicals really didnt.

Just hope and pray that my penis goes back to its old self someday.

I’m gradually regaining size. I still have some of the signature pfs folds from the shrinkage and pfs ‘kink’. These have been normalizing over the last six weeks. However, I have been experiencing more penile numbness. My symptoms go as my prostate goes. Prostate gets pissed off and flares up - things go south. Prostate feels somewhat ok - sides get better. I’m upswing the last few days after a few weeks of going downward.

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I get the numbness too. Its like a very very light prickling feeling.

Glad to hear your getting some size back. Hope it continues.

Any update?

I suffer of shrunken testicle size, and penis small and weightless when flaccid. I can get erection but thats about 80% of size compared to pre fin.

Anyone improved from similar place?

Shame on the pharmaindustry, 4 pills from Merck caused me this

Countless recovered or temporarily recovered people i have talked with recovered from this side. I am the archivist. :grin: One guy even said that his penis is even bigger than pre-pfs size, but he also uses Bathmate. @andras33

So, it should reverse back once the root issue is fixed. Even the scar tissue (hourglass shape i.e) and fibrosis disappears.


Wow thx @Cooper for the hope giving words!
Did yourself recovered penile or testicular size?

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