Is there any father with PAS

is there any father with PAS ? This is important for me. Thanks

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This is also something I would like to know, is there anyone here with PFS that has fathered healthy children?

Idk who exactly but I remember that there was an old thread and they said they had kids AFTER taking fin…I’m sure you can find it in the search engine on here.
But I know I read it. I’m sure there’s some other guys on here since that previous thread that have become fathers


I’ve had pfs for over 20 years. And my wife and I had, just recently, a beautiful healthy baby girl. So it is possible.


joetz, how has your wife coped with your condition? Most women like to have sex several times a week. Just curious. I think we would all like to eventually get married and have children. That is the second phase of life after youth which is essentially a preparation for reproduction. Being able to do so and not have household fail is indeed critical for most people to having an enjoyable life.

Moonman has had at least one child while afflicted with PFS. He got it from Saw P but has been a very serious case sexually.


Taking care of a baby is really hard work to the point where sex isn’t really a priority. But when we need to I am usually able to do enough to keep her somewhat satisfied. She knows about the condition and is understanding.

You weren’t ever worried about her succumbing to the temptation of submitting to any romantic offers from guys at her work etc? Women get hit on day in and day out and, especially these days with internet and social media, guys have all kinds of convenient and plausibly deniable avenues for extending their courtship.

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Well there are other ways to satisfy a woman besides using your penis. You’ve got to do whatever it takes.

Also I quit finasteride in 2008

So I have been off the drug for 12+ years. That’s a long time I’ve given my body to heal. I’ve gotten a little better over the years. I can maintain a relationship today that would have been a disaster for all kinds of reasons (not just sexual) in 2007


God help any male kid who is born from a PFS father.

Sorry but that is a bullshit thing to say when you simply don’t know for certain.

I think that in the future we will have concrete signs indicating whether or not PFS will affect your children. I’m especially anxious to know the effect, if any, once those children enter puberty and adulthood.

But I find your comment rude and irresponsible and until you provide any evidence that PFS does indeed affect ones children I think such comments are highly inappropriate.

Edit: To clarify, I don’t think it’s inappropriate to speculate or ask questions relating to this topic. I’m only objecting to the off-handed way the comment I’m responding to was made.

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Ridiculous comment

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Zach Lake, the admin of the Accutane Long-Term Side-Effects Facebook group, fathered a healthy child a couple years ago.