Is there any chance for a chat group or chat function on ph for coping through the day without "coercive recovery" 24/7

I think 99,99 % of all conversations in every chatgroup among pfs patients all over the entire world have no absolutely no other topic as 24/7 discussing hormon replacement recovery for absolutely now 29 years. Starting 1994 with the release of proscar up to now 2023.

Sometimes there are emotional lags,

and for these I’m so very greatful to all my new friends

but then after minutes the iron fist bangs on the table, commenting this personal “blah blah” as “It’s a pfs chat and you have to pray for the benefit of hcg or do something else for your recovery” I’m and other engaged guys have been personal attacked as a hcg and recovery denier already.

The positive effect of coping, helping the desperates through their lifes, being weird on an uncensored chat is even attacked by some self-appointed guardians of recover morality.
This spreads fear among the severe cases, splits the community and is not a condition that helps people, who were thrown out of life by a terrible, secretive and absolutely achievable drug side effect. Only for Merck Organon pharma profit.
But even critics on Merck no one wants to hear, attacked as “Hate helps no one”
Research news especially from pfs network or trying to introduce a model of the cell to distinguish basic enteties in all the weird pfs theories cursing are canceled by “recovery watchdogs” as “please stopp that spaming”.

There are so many who suffer silent and lonely and don’t want to talk about their personal situation anymore. Feeling pitty and guilty that they have no recovery story and no protocol to offer, even blasphemists never tried a hormone, I think every normal conversation is nearly impossible.

Would be fine to establish a central chatgroup/ chat function for coping, handling the depressed soul and helping each other through the day.


This is actually a very good idea

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Hey @Exsexgod it’s a good idea and something we’ve considered before. Two problems we’d have:

  1. We don’t have the resources to manage the PH forum, the Reddit and a chat group. We’d need more volunteer help.
  2. Chat groups inevitably become very difficult to manage once they reach a certain size. Although the intentions may be a place to cope and chat with others without all the recovery talk, or even all the research talk, it doesn’t take more than a few bad actors to derail it.

If this is something you’d like to own, I’d be happy to talk about how it could work. Just shoot me a PM.