Is there a way to evaluate AR expression without being part of a study?


I imagine if this is possible, it must be very expensive, but I don’t even know if it is possible. Does anyone know anything about this?

I would like to do the same evaluation that was done by Di Loretto et al. in the study at the University of Trieste.

I’ve only found this website, but due to my lack of knowledge in this field, I don’t know if this is what I’m looking for:



What do you hope to achieve from this even if you were able to conduct it? The commonly held view is that the AR haven’t undergone a mutagenic process but rather an epigenetic one involving gene silencing.



type in AR gene expression + shbg in search field

anecdotical but what im doing is injecting test to challenge the receptors






The link you provide is gene sequence analysis judging by the URL, while the study you mention concerned gene expression. Most university hospital labs could carry out the kind of ihc staining performed in that study. I would consider the goal you have in mind in pursuing this, though. As you describe diagnosed local penile effects it is almost certain you will confirm the finding as the study was conclusive across all cell lines and all patients examined. They were severely affected in this domain, experiencing penile tissue loss and pain. However, this will not provide any further insight beyond something we already know and could be very costly to arrange as it requires a small procedure to take tissue.

A oft-mentioned study was designed to expand upon this avenue of research and should provide us much greater detail. This will publish relatively soon.

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Thank you for your answer, @axolotl. Yes, I am pretty sure that it would confirm the findings of the study that was done in Italy, and I am also quite sure it would be very costly.

The last crash has left me severely affected, greatly affecting my functionality, and I feel like I need to prove what is wrong in my body, because no one in my close family seems to understand anything and the worse I feel, the higher the pressure.

I’ll think about it, probably the cost of doing this would be too expensive, but I will ask. In case I finally do it, I would share my results.



I’m sorry to hear. I know very well how difficult it is when those close to you can’t understand, but it is important to keep in mind it is exceptionally hard for others - family, friends, doctors, even those persistently affected in a dissimilar condition - to imagine. If this wasn’t the case I would have a lot less to do.

I understand the need to prove something is wrong, but pursuing something ineffectual out of frustration with the situation is not likely to help you do that. Your family will not possess an understanding of the potential implications of what you are discussing, and outside of very select specialists, nor will your doctors. This is an exceptionally complex issue and area and this is not a diagnostic test. As you have confused gene expression with gene sequence, I would suggest considering if this is driven primarily by the expressed frustration rather than the potential of a practical outcome for you. Insisting upon something very specific like this to them could have the opposite effect to what you are hoping to achieve. I’d think carefully about what you would gain from this result. You already have clinical findings, after all.



I know for sure that I would gain no practical outcome of this, it is not my goal to correct anything, but it would be useful only if it changed my family’s opinion.

Bear in mind that just some months ago they tried to put me in a mental ward (I even slept there, but they regreted almost immediately), and this is something really traumatic, and makes me want to be sure that is not going to happen ever again. (it was not only the trauma of being locked, but especially the trauma of hours and hours wondering what pills were they going to give me, and how this would affect my PFS)

I understand that I will not solve anything doing the test, and chances are that I will probably not do it, it would certainly be very expensive, and the truth is that if with the current evidence I have, they have a hard time believing in PFS, then I don’t think adding this test will suddenly make them believe.

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I’m so sorry. This is far from the first time this has happened. It is a such dreadful, ignorant and unacceptable danger to those severely affected on top of the injustice of all this. Be assured we’re doing all we can.