Is there a syndrome at every receptor?

I was reading this forum and came across someone that had estrogen insensitivity instead of androgen. Mine is with dopamine. These problems all sound identical. Depletion causing theoretical upregulation with further increases and decreases causing further insensitivity. Sounds too similar to be a completely different problem. I was thinking, maybe it’s possible to have this problem at every receptor. It seems like only drugs can deplete hormones/neurotransmitters enough to cause these problems. Wonder if I looked hard enough I could find more of these diseased states? How many damaged people are actually out there? How big is this problem really?


I bet there’s a Lot folks with mental symptoms like depression/anxiety, and even a little bit of brain fog that don’t recognize them enough to find the root cause

But at the same time, I do think the amount of people being affected is still very small in comparison to people unaffected by the drugs

However I’m no expert and going by intuition

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Yeh I mean technically there should be permanent changes in your brain every time you take a drug, it’s just when things become noticeable it’s a problem. That’s why it annoys me when doctors say there’s no lasting effects, because there should be lasting changes always from an epigenetic stand point- ours just are noticeable.

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Agree, I suspect that we have the same condition. Part of getting this acknowledged will be in having everyone accept that we are in the same boat, no matter what they took (or even if they took nothing) and what their gender or specific symptoms are.

It is in the interest of various people for us to be kept separate and compartmentalised, we’ll have to fight the prejudice of both patients who view their condition as unique and also others who stand to lose out if we do all gather.


I mean technically it’s different, if only slightly. I guess there’s the worry a cure for one will be found and won’t work for other. That’s why people seperate.

I totally agree with what you’re saying don’t get me wrong. Not like I have any other hope.

Maybe, I think there are other factors at play that keep people separate, but whatever the reasons, we need to keep repeating the message that we are stronger together.