Is shrinkage reversible? What have we learnt

Is shrinkage reversible?

There are some existing threads on this.

I can relate to this as it causes me daily pain and is above all the most difficult aspect of this for me to come to terms with mentally.

Crisler (via Goldstein) is now strongly recommening 5 mg cialis daily. They say “the sooner the better”. (Scary, huh?) Some have also used DHT gel but no real reports of success that I’m aware of. Shippen has perscribed T-drop he has made at his local compounding pharmacy to rub into penile tissue and the area between the base of the scrotum and the rectum. Most everyone with this side is on l-arginine daily. If you have some libido still and still can masturbate it is probably a good idea to limit that activity depending on how unhealthy your tissue appears or how your body responds.

I think right now the best urologist for PFS patients with shrinkage is likely Goldstein in San Diego. I’d speak with other Goldstein patients with shrinkage and get their thoughts and take that into strong consideration. Also, I’d research any proposed therapies before I’d undertake them. While we seem to have made some headway in the Italian study we still do not completely understand the mechanisms behind PFS so manage your expectations accordingly.

The user bluejayfan has reported some success with an anti-fungal protocol he might share with you via PM or on this thread.

I have not seen anyone completely recover their penile structure in my time here, myself included. However, IF some treatment for the overall condition comes about how everyone’s penile tissue (or all 5AR dependent tissue for that matter) responds to androgens again I think will vary and I don’t think that’s entirely predictable at this stage. There are some very interesting studies going on in the field of regenerative medicine, in particularly at Wake Forest if you’re interested in researching the literature. Stem cell treatments continue to be researched and improved. Epigenetics and stem cell/regen medicine are two exploding fields. It seems almost every research University/Clinic/Hospital has some epigenetic program underway. Things arn’t quite as bleak as they were a few years ago.

Alpha blockers… Appears normal except for a dark vein that persists on the underside of the penis. But full size returns when I take one.

Isnt this a stunning observation? I know a couple of others who had the same result.

Why isnt this bigger news?

Which one(s) were more effective if I may ask?

I have been trying to push it on everyone who has the shrinkage that I have talked to. The side effects are very managable especially after you’ve been on it for awhile. Just some lightheadness the first few doses.

Prazosin (minipress) has been working best for me. Tried Doxazosin, not as effective it seemed.

Sometimes I do not get the full effect. But that might just depend on how active I am that day… as exercise in any form seems to cause it to shrink up depending on the intensity of the exercising.

does shrinkage returns when you dont take AB?

I agree with the alphablocker. Uroxatral/Alfazosin worked for me. Possibly flagyl as well. My size has been good since dropping the alphablocker.

I take a Now Mens Virility 2 or 3 days a week and dont need cialis or anything else. Well, I take a probiotic… was taking calcium d glucarate and zinc but dropped that too.

Better now than I have been for a long time. Still not recovered of course.

Yes for me the shrinkage returns 24-36 hours after taking a pill.

interesting. does anybody know where to get those alphablockers in europe? or a good site in the US that ships overseas?= thank you.

In Europe? You’d be better off going to the nearest country with loose prescription drug laws picking some up and going back. The US does not have loose script laws.

im considering asking my doc for an alpha-blocker based on this and the fact that i actually am prehypertension now (ONLY since PFS, blood pressure was always perfect before).

would you guys recommend this over cialis?

alfusuzin worked for me, but gave me headhache.

shrinkage is reversible only if finasteride didn’t give u peyronie

if u get penis doppler and turns clear, shrinkage could be reversible imao
but process takes time.

i made improvements over 3 yrs


are you sure i cannot reverse the shrinkage if i have peyronnes? i do have peyronnes, so this is very discouraging

@ Lennon,

I´m very very sure that it is reversible even with peyronnes. It also very good can be that your peyronnes will also go away. When the body respondes well to androgens again, it will heal.
I worked a long time in the urologie and saw a lot. I have seen a young guy, who was so crasy to hold his dick in a Vowerk vacuum cleaner, this has some blades inside and his dick look looked like a massaka. It took 3 surgerys to get it look normal again and he was later able to have sex and get it up with no problems again. So, when even this guy can get his dick working back again, we can it do to. Well, ok, when our bodys start to react normal to androgens everything will go normal again. I´m very sure in this. So Lennon dont give up dont loose hope! And even, when your dick grows back to normal and still got, peyronnes. This is treatable. It´s a real horror to look down and feel a numb rubber smal dick… I have still some moments, where my dick can look very normal. This shows me that its not damaged for ever. Keep that in mind.

thank you brainbug, i really, really appreciate your words of encouragment

What happens to your penile tissue when and if the day comes there is an effective treatment is anyone’s guess. Predictions right now are just educated guesses and no one here is a doctor or scientist. Almost every resarch university has a tissue regen via stem cell program going now so who knows what the next few years will bring.


thank you guys, i really appreciate it

i’m sorry lennon, i didn’t want to be so raw.
i said only my opinion based on what i read randomly on web.
probably i missed some important research news in this pathology.
was only an opinion, i’m not a researcher nor a doctor, so i could be wrong.

an effective treatment surely could occur, i didn’t want to be so discouraging, please forgive me