Is Retinol Harmful?

I know that we are to avoid Accutane at all costs, but is regular retinol cream also bad? – the kind that you can just buy without a prescription? Has anyone worsened from using normal retinol, or did you use it withouy any issues? Is tretinoin also bad? I know these are similar to Isotretinoin, but chemically they are still different compounds. Been hearing different opinions about this.

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I don’t know the answer but I’m also interested in this very question. Also I wonder how dangerous could be trifarotene as its action’s supposed to be limited only for the skin.

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I’ve used topical retinol a handful of times and actually seen some mild improvements the next morning (super weak morning wood, etc)
Apparently retinol can have some effect on testosterone/DHT so it may lend some credence to the whole DHT receptor hypersensitivity theory as many people seem to have a mild improvement with anti-androgenic substances

The missing piece of the information is that after the improvement, a crash and worse symptoms can follow.


Super good point, yeah!
I myself haven’t had a crash yet after using retinol, I just regress back to my baseline. But everyone’s different so tread carefully, OP