Is proviron worth it?

I bought some proviron tablets about a year ago, but never had the guts to take them. I’m worried about the potential side effects if there’s a chance it won’t actually help me.

Would anyone recommend it? I’m getting to the point that I’ll try anything at this stage. If so, how is the best way to take it?

You’ll have to read old forum posts and make that choice for yourself. I know it’s helped some people, yes. I don’t know how many it’s backfired for though.


Many have tried duplicating pal’s famous proviron recovery… I can’t think of anyone who has succeeded.

It’s a serious gamble. Chance for recovery is probably zero, chance for worsening a lot higher.

Does anything work for you? I felt like proviron would counteract the blocking of DHT, but I’m worried it’d make things worse

Did anyone actually get worse?