Is it possible to have the avatar marked with a checkmark after completing 23andme, similar to the checkmark from the survey?

Dear administrators and moderators of propeciahelp and all its members.

I’m very sorry to say this, but the research on our disorder is going to take an unthinkably long time and many of us just don’t have the energy to wait for the results.

As I understand it, genome research based on the 23adme test is a very important element in this crazy puzzle.

Personally, I do everything I can to help us all. And I will do more and more.

The fact is that if our avatar has a 23adme mark on it, it will be easier to ask other people to send their genome for research. Those people who have not yet passed it.

I will order it myself soon because we have to do everything we can.

Please moderators of this site - do it if possible.

Thank you all.


Personally, I like this idea and would also like to see its implementation for anyone who volunteers for other important projects. E.g. the YouTube project.
It creates momentum and community support around completion of our objectives.

A problem is that it takes money to get the development work done. We have scarce funds and there are other worthy objectives, too.

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A lot of features could be implemented for free using apps that give us those features in their free plan (usually does enough).

Just have to find the app for the need

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Hey guys,

Firstly, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, this only offers the chance of a significant finding given it’s only checking about 5% of SNPs in the human genome. However, given the low aggregate cost, number of members who had already taken it, and potential reward of striking gold, we believe it’s very much worth doing. Just want to make clear this isn’t a guaranteed thing - more of a long shot. A little down the road a full GWAS would be excellent, but low patient numbers presents a real difficulty.

Back to this idea: Anything is possible with time, expertise and money. As you know propeciahelp receives no money and only continues to exist because of the hard work of the staff.

It might seem as if it would be simple to add features but there’s a lot going on under the hood. While we integrate a number of pre-made features to the forum where we can, out of the box solutions cannot work to integrate and manage data structures in existing software. For the survey - aside from the huge development effort for the thing itself, which was thousands of hours on my part - we essentially have constant management between two distinct layers of software and their databases via an AI assigning tokens, checking new users, placing in back end and front end groups, et cetera. It would have cost many thousands and is completely bespoke. It took ages.

We can’t achieve this idea via additional software realistically, it’s not worth our time presently and we have to focus on other projects we need on the road asap. Saying that, one way we could achieve this which is feasible is if a moderator would want to maintain a group on the forum side by manually checking submissions weekly. I believe this would be feasible owing to the slow drip of submissions, far slower than the survey.

If a moderator would want to volunteer they can ping me and I’ll set a group up with an auto-awarding flair.



Ok, over the next (insert amount of time), I’ll be adding people to the new group “Geneticists” - you’ll get a little badge and all the bragging rights that entails.

As this is a manual process, forgive me if it takes longer than you’d like or if you’re not instantly added.

Feel free to direct message me and I’ll try and get to you sooner.


Thanks to @Greek for volunteering more of his time. As we cant multi-flair, I’ve set up the DNA emoji as a title. You can see it next to our username’s currently, but this will be auto-applied to everyone who is put in the group.

Hope that’s alright!


I’ve done a batch of names. Let me know if you should have the badge but don’t and I’ll look into it!



I should have it

Nvm I see it now

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…you’re very welcome?

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No moderator privileges for this one, huh!? :wink:

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sorry i posted and then edited