Is it possible to develop new symptoms after three years of cessation from finasteride?

Last week, I had to travel for 13-15 hours, and I felt sick. The next day, I vomited and had a mild fever. My body felt weak, and my brain fog returned with full force, along with new symptoms. I experienced tinnitus and muscle twitching (while sleeping), and I also had trouble sleeping properly. The brain fog cleared after two weeks, and the muscle twitching went away. However, I’m still experiencing tinnitus, and I’ve noticed that my fingers shake a little bit sometimes. Can anyone help me out?

I had swollen breasts and tender nipples suddenly hit me out of nowhere 2+ years post-fin when I had never had it previously, so yes it happens. It resolved in 1-2 days though for me. Like you though, it came with a recurrence of mental symptoms.