Is it possible to develop Gynecomastia after months after stopping fin/SP

Hey guys
I want to know, is it possible to develop Gynecomastia months/years (11 months) after stopping Fin/SP.
everything feels normal but I see that I have puffy areola. I want to know is it possible or has anyone developed gyno after stopping Fin/SP?

I took total ( 21 SP 450 mg) for 3 months on and off.

Thank you

If you have no symptoms at all, it is very likely that your nipple problem is about something else. See a doctor to see whats going on.

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…or it might be very likely to be related to use of Finasteride and Saw Palmetto. Given that gynecomastia is a symptom some get post 5ari, and symptoms do occur after cessation for many and new symptoms can appear down the line, I’d be less likely to be so dismissive than you, @Cooper. Go to the doctor though @th0r_nike, yes.


I had nipple pain that developed into puffy nips about 3 months after my initial crash. They aren’t really tiddies, but one nipple protrudes more than the other to this day. The gyno was painful and sensitive for a while.

I remember intentionally hunching my shoulders so that my shirt would fall away from my chest and not rub up on me and cause more pain. It sucks because I had nice pecs that took years of lifting and counting calories/macros to develop. I can be shirtless now without having painful self esteem issues, but during the initial crash I had horrible body dysmorphia cause of the nips. I can kind of be obsessive. I used to track calories so intensely that I would make myself vomit if I went over my target goal. I wasn’t what I’d consider bulimic, but maybe it could’ve developed into that. Seeing my nips like that made me have horrible body image issues and I damn near took out loans for surgery when I’m already broke as all hell.

My prolactin was mildly high (17 - with the high end of the scale being at 15). I don’t know if prolactin was the cause or what. I took cabergoline and that cured my nipple pain and sensitivity forever. It didn’t shrink the nips though.

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Thank you guy for your advice/info. I want to go to doctor to do hormonal tests. ill also ask the doctor to check if I have gyno or not. no one in my family knows about my SP shit and to come here and ask some advice to you guys feels very good, thank you guys.

on another note I think I am over reacting, i didn’t pay attention to my body before as I do now so I don’t know for sure. I checked the pictures that i had taken 2-3 years back and I see no difference, from today to 3 years ago. I don’t feel pain or anything it is just little bit sensitive after I touch it. but i’ll get a professional opinion from doc.

Thank you

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My evaluation of my gyno could’ve been done by anyone. Going to a doctor only confirmed the obvious. He said “yes one nipple is puffier than the other.” Then he felt around and said, “it’s too small to feel glandular tissue (which is gyno), but some is most likely present under the tissue.

Just letting you know in case you don’t feel like spending money at the doctor for an obvious diagnosis :slight_smile:

I got the cabergoline from another doctor when I showed him elevated prolactin levels. I really pressured him into prescribing it for me, I’m surprised he caved in. I told him my symptoms, my bloodwork, and he said he’s not really familiar with bodybuilding drugs and that sort of thing. He left the room to google side effects of drugs and finally prescribed it to me when he thought it wouldn’t be harmful.

Careful with caber. Too much will make you feel manic. I happened to be in Las Vegas while I was on it. I gambled until 4 AM haha! Under normal circumstances, I’m frugal. This drug threw that out the window and made me have cigarette cravings and liquor cravings, which I never have. I only ended up winning $50 then luckily my exhaustion kicked in and I fell asleep.

Yes it’s possible. I told one of my close friends who’s a M2F transgender about my condition, and she told me, “I’ve heard about saw palmetto, it’s quite popular in the trans community”.

I still think it’s very very strange how there are hundreds of thousands of trans M2F women who take very potent anti-androgens and I have not seen a single one post on this forum. There’s probably more of them then people who take propecia

unfortunately you had this condition to some degree and I want to show you a video. the actor Van Damme has it similar like me he has it more than me. and at 1:33 seconds strong text does it looks like gyno to you? that is how it is for me not more.

I started exercising when I was 13 years old I have exercised all my life I haven’t used anything any proteins pills or steroids or anything. pushups pull ups lifting and running. in real life I look similar to the actor physical shape. last 2 years I had less time to workout. after my SP I felt that I had more endurance, I experienced fearlessness, I didn’t feel any fear of death or anything. I feel like I am more aggressive now sometimes I want to fight. before I was having anxiety I was hesitating about causing a fight. I am more and more going back to normal before SP days I feel this fore sure. my muscles mass is same as before SP I fell like i am more stronger. I haven’t exercised for 1-2 months now no affect what so ever om my mass didn’t gain fat or lose muscles.

Sorry its been long day I got carried on.

I know my symptoms are less/different and odd than most here but, when i eat honey one tea spoon every day i have good sleep and it feel like whatever was messed up by drug is going back to normal. i feel this everyday. for example i didn’t have erections by thinking about women now i have not as strong before SP but its getting better. what recovery i got in January after eating honey for a weak i have now without honey. and if i eat honey now i have pre SP feeling and erections, morning/midday/thinking.

thank you again oo by the way my grandfather has bees and he sent me some natural honey from his hive this is what i eat. he has 5 bee colonies. for his family.

of all the people that take Fin why did we got PFS ? I wander what is the difference between us and other 90% of the people?

what is your blood type if you don’t mind me asking?
the reason for this question is i had blood taken out of me and i felt vey strange/sudden recovery that lasted for one week. have you had this happen to you?

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FYI, it is possible. I developed mild gynecomastia about 14 months after I had stopped taking it. Nipple and chest sensitivity and intermittent pain for about a month as the tissue grew. It stopped growing but has not receded.

Also, I had similar mild gyno back when I first started finasteride. That bothered me enough that I started taking it every other day instead of every day. That worked–the gyno shrank and disappeared completely. So, it was surprising to have it come back years later, and after I quit. I never had any history of gyno previously in my life.

I seem to be developing this too. Very puffy nipples after quitting 13 months ago… wtf is happening to me :confused: I just seem to be getting worse as time moves on. Can’t take much more of this.