Is it possible that my penis stopped growing?

Is it possible that I blocked any further DHT flow into my penis and therefore put a stop to the growth of it? I know DHT contributes mainly to it and that penis still grows at age 18 (that’s when I took the pill). Though, my DHT seems to be normal, because I’m hairy as hell, growing a lot beard and going bald.
It hasn’t yet shrinked significantly, but I’m just interested, if there could have been a chance in the future for it to grow even longer.


I took the pill as a teenager practically. They start scribing it at the age of 18. But the penis grows up to a lot older age, I’m sure. How can I be sure, if there’s enough DHT in my genitals?

Can you achieve regular erections? You could always do penile exercising to make it longer if you wish.

I’m not exactly dissatisfied with the size of my penis. Just asking a theoretical question: does DHT come back to the testicles after taking the pill and therefore let the penis grow again?

I want to ask the same question. Anyone with good insights, please help me.

I took just 4 pills of Accutane when i was just turnet out 16. Didn’t notice any shrinkage before but thorughout years it is shrinked. Is there any chance that having mild PAS affected my penile development? I know i can get my original size back if i recover, but what about if it did damage my potential maximum penis size because i was still in puberty…

I did a lot of research in forums and many people say it continued to grow after the age of 16, maybe even to 20’s. So PAS didn’t only shrink my penis, i think it also stoppped the growing of it… I can’t bear this.
Anyone noticed size changes in their penis after the age of 16? Did it continue to grow for you? Thanks. I still can’t believe what happened to me all this feels like a joke.

PS: Who am i kidding? I took that poison. My hormones got messed up at the time they were very vital for my body. Damaged my penile and general development. And there is only a SLIGHT chance of recover my pre-pas baseline penis size and sexuality. And i will never regain the impairment of the development of my penis when i was 16. After thinking logically, without my trauma masking the horrible reality im in. I think my mild pas undoubtedly damaged my penis growth permanently. I never know what would i be like if i never took the drug. Let’s be real guys.

Anyone can please help me with this? I really need to hear some scientific insights to this. This disease seems tissue spesific. So is there chance that it only damaged my prostate or something? Also, even a small damage to AR’s can stop your penis development? What are some possible scientific scenarios about damaging my development? Desentisizing AR’s on certain tissues? What else?

I took this when i was just turned 16. So my body was still developing, and the peak T levels didn’t even occur at the age of 16, it occurs in 17-18. Im so sad and angry that i took that drug that early. I never experienced my peak sexuality. I never experienced a fully developed endocrine system… How horrible the damage could be?

My penis (it got smaller…) and body didn’t develop much after accutane.

You’re fixated man

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