Is it PFS or normal side effects?

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Google searched post finasterid syndrome
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Saw palmetto
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400mg every day
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Hair loss
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4 days
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30, last week
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30, 30.November 2020
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Cold turkey
How long into your usage did you notice the onset of side effects?
The side effects started after 3 days.
What side effects did you experience that have yet to resolve since discontinuation?
No libido, erektile dysfunktion, insomnia.
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Extreme Anxiety / Panic Attacks
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Suicidal Thoughts

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Penis curvature / rotation on axis
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Weight Gain
Gynecomastia (male breasts)
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Muscle Weakness
Joint Pain
Dry / Dark Circles under eyes

Prostate pain
Persistent Fatigue / Exhaustion
Stomach Pains / Digestion Problems
Constipation / “Poo Pellets”
Vision - Acuity Decrease / Blurriness
Tinnitus (ringing or high pitched sound in ears)
Hearing loss
Increased hair loss
Frequent urination
Lowered body temperature

[ x] Other (please explain)

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Hello together,
I started to take paw salmetto (400 mg per day at 27th November this year.
After 3 days ive seen that my sperm became watery. Additionally I realised that I got erektile dysfunction. But my libido was still 80-90% and my Erektion 50-60 %. After I decided to quit the saw palmetto (at 1 December ) the problems get more worse at 3 December. Now I have no libido and no Erektion anymore (both 0%). Additionally my insomnia got more worse.
Since last thursday, 4th December my status is the same.
I would like to know if it’s already PFS or I still have a chance to recover during the next weeks/months?

Hey there,

All of these symptoms are common and recognizable.
I know it’s awful what you’re going through, but hang in there.

I’m not familiar with Saw Palmetto dosages but it may be a good thing you only took a few pills.

For most people these symptoms are temporary and the body simply needs a few weeks/months to adjust. So give it a few weeks or months if needed. You will probably get better.

In the meantime try not to think about it too much and eat healthy.


Hey there,
thanks already for your support and understanding.
Right now I can’t feel a significant improvement of side effects.
I just registered that it is already possible again to get an erection after a few minutes (erektile dysfunction 20% recovered).
I thought that the body will improve more already, because the low dosages of saw palmetto.
Or is it normal that a low dosage can change your body already for a time of a couple of weeks/month to recover?

Hey there,
no good news so far.
Since the end of stopping saw palmetto extract in beginning of December my symptoms didn’t changed.
I still have a low libido, ED, can’t sleep more then a few hour at night and I also still don’t like to eat (no hunger).
Because the last 4 weeks my symptoms didn’t improve, I’m worry that they will last forever.
Do you think I still can recover naturally during the next months/year, or I should add supplements to improve my chance, if there should be still hope for me.

Still no reply here :confused:
So you guys think it’s normal that after 4 weeks I’ve seen no improvements or is it already a indication, also because of the symptoms that nothing will improve also in the future?

This is a small community of people and there are very few active users. On top of that, not everyone lives in a European timezone. I know it’s not pleasant, but it is somewhat normal for a post to not get a reply within 24 hours.

But to give an answer to your question: Give it some more time.
For the “self-diagnosis of PFS” we usually adhere to a 3-month period. If symptoms have not subsided within 3 months, you are more likely to be in it for the long run. This is not based on any data, just the assumption that pharmaceutical compounds and foods have normally been digested, metabolized and have left your body within this timeframe and the affected enzymes should have been replaced.

I know it’s an extremely uncomfortable situation but it’s very important to take it easy and not do anything crazy.
It is up to you whether you start using supplements. There is no proof on supplements having positive or negative effects, it’s all speculation and personal experiences from users. Many things that work for others have apparently worsened others so always take things at your own risk.

I also hope you aren’t taking anything other than saw palmetto. Don’t use minoxidil or finasteride or anything like that. All of these substances are 5-alpha reductase inhibitors as you should be aware.

Hey there, I had the same symptoms besides your low appetite and saw no improvements after 4 weeks (I was actually getting worse at the time) but now after a little over 2 months I’m very close to a full recovery. Don’t lose hope buddy, there is definitely a good chance you can still recover!


6 weeks update:
6 weeks since I quit saw palmetto and still no noticeable improvements so far. My sleep is still bad (1-4 hour), my libido still low and my ED still present and also my digestion problems didn’t improved so far.
Additionally I registered that I have muscle twitches sometimes and that my balls are shrunk.
The only improvement is my semen, it seems to be normal again.

Hope the next weeks will be better, especially my ED and sleep.

interesting you say you lose your hungry , cause i lost that too , but i was on 3 days finasteride ,

DHT is more concentrated in brain, liver, and prostate going on this set and you complain about hungry i belive my the problem of low DHT is in the liver , with this sad im starting to belive that a liv52 would be a good suplment for me to try out cause i had and still have diarrea , low hungry , low libido , weak erections ,low semen ejaculation , im gonna try it out and then i will come back with results. meanwile you need to try chill buud , dont think about it “SAW Palmetto” is way better than using finasteride , you need time to recover and dont thinking about this is the first way to go , cheers

3 month update:
Now a bit more then 3 month past, since I quit saw palmetto and I’m still nowhere near healed.
The best news is that my digestion problems are 80% better.
My muscle twitches are still present but not that strong like before.
Unfortunately my libido is still low and my ED is still present.
Also my insomnia is still present and it’s difficult to get more then 4-5 hour sleep per night.
Until right now i used just sleeping pills.
Would you guys recommend to start right now something like supplements or is it still to early?
And I’ve visited my endo already and got my blood results back.
It shows me that my DHT is with 0.49 (0.50-2.00) to low, my Vitamin D3 8.7 (25-70) and my Androstendione with 1.15 (1.3-3.8) to low.
Was the results mean in my case?
Is it possible that I have all the sides because of hypogonadism?
Thanks I’m advance for the answers.

You have to get testosterone and LH checked to know if you’re hypogonadal. Even if you are, it seems to be common and usually resolves. I was hypogonadal at the beginning but it corrected itself

It sounds like you’re improving. There seems to be quite a few people who get persistent sides but recover naturally within a year or so. Especially with saw palmetto. I would just continue living healthy, do what you gotta do for sleep, and give it a bit more time

4.5 month update:
Now 4.5 month past, since I quit saw palmetto and I’m still not healed.
The good news are that my digestion problems and muscle twitches are 99% gone.
Unfortunately my libido is still lower then pre SP and my ED is still present also if I feel that it’s less hard flaccid then before.
My insomnia is still present and i get between 5-6 hour of sleep with a pill (30 mg Doxylaminsuccinat) before go to bed.
My blood results shown me the following results:
LH 2.2 (2-10), FSH 3.9 (1-7), Prolaktin 161 (<500), Testosteron 26.2 (>12), SHBG 33 (11-71), free Testo. 601 (>250), DHT 0.49 (0.50-2.00), Vitamin D3 8.7 (25-70), Androstendion 1.15 (1.3-3.8), 17-OH Progesteron 5.88 (0.15-4.85), DHEAS 1.65 (1.6-4.49)
My Endo prescribed me Vit. D3 and Testo Gel.
I’m a little bit scared about the Testo Gel especially after I read some stories here where member described it makes them feel more worse.
Do you guys think I can/should give it a try or is it to risky, especially in relation to my blood results?

Any update ?

No updates. I started to take Vit. D3 since 2 days but it still doesn’t changed my situation. I will keep you guys updated, especially if my situation should change in the next time. :wink:
And in June it will be already 6 Month since I stopped using Saw Palmetto. I decided to give then the Testo Gel a try, which was prescribed by my Endo and additionally I will start to work out and make a keto diet.