Is it helpful to take creatine or protein powder?

For our patients with muscle atrophy, I would like to ask whether it is helpful to take creatine or protein powder? 肌肉的持续萎缩,让我觉得什么都不尝试,被动的等待时间康复并不能修复我们的身体

Absolutely, for me, creatine has been one of the most helpful things for my muscle weakness and fatigue

I have used protein powder (always whey, never soy) for years before PFS while working out.

And now throughout my PFS I’ve continued, out of habit I suppose. My physical condition now sucks compared to pre-PFS, and I’ll never know if the powder kept it from being worse?


I did not have muscle atrophy, but creatine affected me significantly with regards to neurological symptoms. I would highly recommend to stay away. At least review other stories with regards to creatine or the forums. I would read the story from “westside”. Creatine affected him negatively as well.