Is insomnia the main symptom for anyone else?

I know I can’t be the only one whose main symptom is severe insomnia. Hell, why isn’t insomnia even a listed symptom on member stories?? It should be a priority of concern if anyone suffers from insomnia being as sleep is a unique process for innumerable vital functions and it can’t be overstated that it is the number one factor against general morbidity and all cause mortality.

I just want to get it off my chest to express my shock at the relative lack of discussion about sleep versus other topics.

Insomnia is my main problem for sure. I have some other minor things but if I could get the insomnia to go away I would consider myself eternally lucky. And yes… I had the same thought about the survey where insomnia was not really mentioned.

How bad is your sleep… are you able to sleep at all without meds? I basically cant sleep at all without something. Not only that but the stuff I take is slowly losing its effectiveness.




I meant member’s stories. I don’t see it on the list.

Thank you. For the past 8 months since my second crash I can stay asleep for only 3.5 hours more or less then I’d be up for a few hours. Even worse is that lately whenever I get stressed or exercise just a bit too much my sleep would tank down to 1.5 hours.

I struggle to take care of myself at the moment let alone have the capacity to work.

if i dont take melatonin and another over the counter sleed aid like benadryl then i cant sleep more than 1-2 hours on very light sleep.

melatonin alone and ill get like 4-5 hours very light sleep
melatonin + benadryl and ill get 7-9 medium to deep sleep

i also have to sleep between 11:30-12:00 PM

if i sleep before then i wake up too early and shortern my sleep time

if i sleep too late then i wake up too late or am just tired

weird. cant wait for sage-217 since its supposed to help with insomnia

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I also get insomnia as my main problem. I had increasing insomnia in the 5 year period before my crash, after the crash it became total and since than, with fasting and diet, it’s been improving.

With a bunch of sleeping drugs and herbs, I get 8 hours a night but still wake up a lot at the end of the night.
It’s getting better and I’m don’t need to increase the drugs anymore. Soon I think I’ll be able to decrease them.

Insomnia is actually the last obvious, disabling symptom I have left (disabling if I don’t take drugs and herbs). All other symptoms are gone or at a low enough level that they don’t bother me much, but I still have 3-4 symptoms other than insomnia.

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I hope you understand the neurological risks of relying on anticholinergic drugs like benadryl for sleep. God knows I am desperate to find something that works and is relatively safe for sleep. I’ve been using baclofen occasionally with random results.

I have been following your progress for some time now and I’ve been curious about stuff like pregnenlone and 5a-DHP but I just don’t have the kind of bravado you have to experiment with everything under the sun. It’s disheartening to hear that after all those supplements that you still have to rely on two heavy drugs to get enough sleep each night.

I look forward to when you could start sleeping well without having to take anything.

Yes I know. But it takes years to recover for those who do. I crashed 18 months ago. I think if I’m improving, it’s just a matter of time.

And I did cut in half some,the supplements I’m taking, some I stopped and some I cut by 3/4.

Fasting is the best remedy so far, and it goes well with carnivore / keto diet.

Are you maintaining improvements to your sleep after each fast?

I’m fasting every 3-4 days and intermittent fasting in between. The changes are gradual.

There’s a direct correlation between eating too much carbs and having bad nights of sleep. There’s a 3 day delay for this to occur and too much is more than 30 gr a day average.

So If I eat more carbs than usual, say 50-80 gr a day for a few days, 3 days later I will have bad sleep and it will take a water fast of a strict 0 carbs diet for at least 2 days before I get good sleep again.

ive been using it for a little over a year now.

just read that there’s a possible risk of increased dementia smh

now i have to find something else until sage comes out.

some people have tried baclofen here
awor said he tried ambien

im considering both now at this point

I hate to do this to you, but I don’t take non-benzo z-drugs (and also benzodiazepines) like ambien and zopiclone as they’re known for their significantly elevated risk of different cancers. The risk is higher than even that of smoking. This has been shown repeatedly by large meta-analyses.

I am not aware of any significant disease risks associated with baclofen, only that GABAB agonism is associated with decreased dopamine signalling and cognitive impairment in the long term.

Guess you’ll just have to weigh the risks vs benefits of each drug.

gaba b agonism is associated with that?

what about gaba a agonism?

and what else do we have left to work with then lol

Well that’s why I made a thread asking this same very question which has gone unanswered. To be pessimistic, I think there is really little that is safe to be taken for insomnia pharmaceutically if you really don’t want to take any chances. Relative to other drugs, I think baclofen is on the safer side.

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i think ill continue to use the benadryl until i get to try some baclofen

i found studies on gaba b agonism claiming to improve cognition so i guess there is confliction

but apparently you can get addicted to it? thats another negative ive heard