Is hair loss a positive sign?


Hi guys. Is losing a lot of hair after the suspension a positive factor?


It hasn’t been in my case. I have lost a lot of hair and keep losing it 3 years after suspension and yet my PFS is worse than ever with no improvement whatsoever.


When did you crash?

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I stopped finasteride 3 years ago after 8 years of intake. I started losing a lot of hair so I briefly resumed 6 months later. That’s when I got PFS. Hair loss has continued since then. PFS has not improved.


I’m two months away from suspension. With my girlfriend I can get an erection, I hope I don’t get worse

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Good! Don’t touch the poison ever again and you may be fine.


Are two months enough to understand how to proceed?


What do you mean how to proceed? There is nothing to proceed to.


at two months the situation worsens or stabilizes?


Two months is nothing. You can’t make a long term prognosis based on that. Currently you don’t have a full-fledged PFS, if any, from what I understand. Your prognosis is good.

What are your symptoms?


tinnitus, little sleep, urinating often, loose stools, weak or absent nocturnal erections


How about libido and daytime erections?


Yesterday I had an almost optimal erection with my girlfriend

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Your other symptoms are likely to improve over time.

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Hello. Sunday morning I had a good erection with my girlfriend and I ejaculated. Yesterday afternoon I had another good erection with my girlfriend. The first thing I noticed at the suspension was tinnitus. Then weak erections at night, gastrointestinal problems, difficulty sleeping, sometimes even cold. Now I’m two months from the suspension. I took for two and a half years finasteride 0.1 topical and Serenoa repens. I suspended for a month. I resumed with 0.25 mg tablets every two to three days, I took 40 tablets. Then I suspended forever.



I have a Question about your Tinnitus. When i was taking finasteride my ears starting ringing, too. Does your Tinnitus stop when you press air with your finger in the ear and hold it? Mine stops when i have negative pressure in the ears. The same when i am doing an inverted vasalva maneuver: close the nose and breath in. When you doing this, the ears are clogged, but the Tinnitus is nearly gone.