Is dandelion Tea safe?

Has anyone tried dandelion tea? I love the taste and just want to see if made anyone worse or is a known 5ARI? My research says no, but always good to check with this community.


I wouldn’t risk it bud

I love dandelion tea, the leaves, stems, roots, all parts. I have consumed gallons of the tea, both pre-saw and post-saw with no issues. It’s a great source of potassium. I prefer to harvest wild dandelion than buy it. It tastes much better freshly picked than the dry, dehydrated powder on store shelves. People mistake sow thistle for dandelion, but I can tell the difference. Sow thistle is not poisonous, but Awor would tell you to avoid milk thistle. Fun fact: Dandelion, sow thistle, milk thistle, dog fennel, bidens pilosa, calea, and many other plants are in the sunflower family.

If you do buy dandelion tea, don’t get the teabags. I know it’s convenient and less cleanup, but a 1 ounce container of the herb in teabags costs about $5.99, almost as much as a bulk 16 ounce bag of the herb without the tea bags, about 7.33. The math: 5.99 x 16 = 95.84 - 7.33 = 88.51. Don’t be ripped off.

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Based on anything or you just drink any tea?

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I love black tea and I can’t drink it
It fucks me up

I’d stay away from all tea
Not worth it

Seriously love drinking plain iced tea no sugar
Even with sugar but it jacks me up

And I’d especially not try dandiliom

Thanks man - just curious - why especially not dandelion?