Iodine -- Huge progress

Has anyone else had success with Iodine ?

I am a bit scared of taking it. gonna ask for iodine test from my gp first.

My endocrinologist very sternly warned me against using iodine. I know we don’t completely trust doctors on here but it seems it can do more harm than good


How can it cause harm ?

She said it can throw off the functioning of thyroid and adrenals depending on the person. Also according to google “Too much iodine may lead to thyroiditis and thyroid papillary cancer.”

Not to say that I haven’t tried iodine. I used lugols iodine for a few months at a very low dose in 2015, which is when the endocrinologist told me not to use it anymore at my first appointment. I don’t remember it having any effects other than maybe more energy. But for energy I’m having good success with pregnenolone and DHEA right now


How much would too much iodine be, also is it possible to get tested for iodine levels ?

Not sure on the too much part or how to get tested but from what I read we get plenty of iodine from western diets.

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I started reading this thread until around post 60. Then it started to become a argument fight between members like usual.

So how did this end for op if anybody have read through all?

I am suspecting Iodine deficiency for a long time. I am literally freezing here in Turkey at 45 degrees. I was in Thailand Phuket in December to April and was freezing there. I have this ever since my crash (I dont mean pfs crash but kind of endocrine system crash). I am constantly escaping from Germany because I cant stay there anymore. I am freezing all the time. And I have super slow thinking and difficulty finding words while talking to people.

I dont consider taking iodine to heal pfs.

Has anyone recently tried Iodine?

I remember reading a post that said 95% of Americans are deficient in Iodine.

Definitely sounds interesting. Might give it a try but I’m doing quite well right now on St. John’s Wort.

I ordered the lugolic Iodine and will start as soon as it arrives. Will let you know.


Keep us updated @Unknownuser


How will you be taking it?
Like are you going to take it orally or put it on your nutsack and armpits ets? Or maybe both? And how much? keep us updated :smiley:

The fuck is wrong with you

Oh my bad, I that post was for @anon73159565
Well @Zonz you can take Iodine in various ways, you can also apply it like a cream. And since the testes produce T and you apply testogel (DHT gel) on your sack it wouldn’t be that weird to also try it with Iodine in my opinion. Hence my questions.

Sorry. Thought you were being facetious about rubbing iodine on my balls because another user had said something similar to me in another thread.

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First I plan to do the iodine test by putting it on my arm and see how fast my body will suck it off my skin. I think I have huge iodine deficiency because I avoided iodine the last couple years. I thought I have hashimoto.

Yet I say I dont want to take it mainly for pfs. I have serious mental and health issues and hope to fix them first. Iodine seems like one of the best anti bacterial, fungal and viral “supplement” out there.

Its promising but I stay skeptical. I remember borax cured me for a while from candida and all other shit. I was feeling fantastic. But weirdly it does not do anything anymore.

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Well good luck bro, keep us updated pls :wink:

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