Investigation of Suicidality and Psychological Adverse Events in Patients Treated With Finasteride

Conclusions and Relevance In this pharmacovigilance case-noncase study, significant RORs of suicidality and psychological adverse events were associated with finasteride use in patients younger than 45 years who used finasteride for alopecia. The sensitivity analyses suggest that these disproportional signals of adverse events may be due to stimulated reporting and/or younger patients being more vulnerable to finasteride’s adverse effects.


While the study does not make a cause and effect analysis, leaving open the possibility of social contagion, the most important thing is that PFS is getting publicity in the medical community itself. Aside from JAMA Dermatology, the findings of the article were included in a mental health professioanl online newsletter:

In an earlier thread I shared that PFS made it into a continuing medical education course for healthcare providers. This is all very positive news as it will no doubt trigger researchers to take up the cause and at the very least begin to get physicians take patients seriously now.