Internal and External Yeast Infection

I developed a yeast infection just about 2-3 weeks ago on my penis and anus. I think some levels of bacteria and fungus has been building up in my body. I have never had a yeast infection before in my life and was healthy as can be (aside from crippling anxiety, which is now strangely not as bad). I don’t get any “gut” pains whenever I am anxious anymore.

Just to preface this, in March I was at the urologist for an issue with a UTI. I believe I may have had on and off UTI’s, but this one in March was really bad.

I should also add than in January or February, I went to the pediatrist with an issue with both of my big toes. They had a fungal nail infection in both nails, and I also developed ingrown nails in the same places on each of my big toes at the same time. I assume that some hormonal fluctuation probably caused the ingrown nails. The fungal infection in my toes has supposedly cleared up now though.

Just a few days ago, I went to the urologist as I said, and he said I had a yeast infection on my penis and supplied me Nystatin topical cream with cortisone. It is very slowly working. I also discovered that it is also on my anus, as it itches intermittently and has a weird almost cheese like smell within a few hours, even after cleaning myself.

I’m wondering if anyone else has successfully treated this infection with Nystatin tablets in addition to topicals? For the time being, I’m working on changing my diet so the yeast does not have any sugars to feed off of. I think that reducing carbs as much as possible should eventually kill it.

From what I’ve read, Candida is a very touchy subject, but given that I’ve never had a fungal infection before it seems PFS has probably screwed up my gut now, and some yeast or fungus (candida?) is now flourishing in my body. Fungus can interfere with bodily functions and signals in the brain and body.

I get yeast infections in my armpits and groin crease areas when I’ve had a hot sweaty day. I’ve been prescribed Nystatin in a powder form. As long as I apply it daily after a good washing, no yeast infection.
If I get cocky and stop the Nystatin, the redness is back as soon as the next day.
Obviously it’s not being cured, just held at bay. Also, I’ve had no negative reactions to Nystatin that I know of. Hope this helps. Jim


Thanks for the reply!

The main thing I’m worried about is building up a tolerance to the Nystatin. How long have you had this issue for with the yeast?

My urologist said I should also consider a circumcision if it doesn’t stop coming back, and sorry but I like having foreskin… This is part of the reason I chose to go on the diet, in addition to the recovery stories which always mention time + diet + exercise

I’d suggest fasting while it seems like it will take forever you’re actually cutting off the food supply and it will eventually die off.

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I’ve put up with this for several years now. It’s not bad in cooler weather/winter, but roars back in summer. As long as I continue to clean and powder the affected areas I suppose I’ve learned to accept it. I’m sorry that’s not much help. Jim


Leaving this article here since it explains what could be going on with me and potentially others here.

I have been dealing with a serious infection in my butt crack for years. Thank god I’ve never had an issue with my foreskin. Last thing I want to deal with is a knife-happy urologist.

For me, the best thing to get the infection under control is eating quinoa. There are lots of quinoa based pastas on the market. Also stay away from sugar…that shit is poison for us

I’ll look for quinoa, thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: I think I’ve had it before and it tastes pretty good.

I will eventually go back to eating normal foods. I was never much of a sugar eater and never craved sweets, even 10 years ago. Though I do like eating crappy food (fast-food, take out, etc) every now and then, which I’m sure contains a decent amount of sugar, though not as much as candy or sweets might.

You may also consider taking some probiotics for a bit, and see if that helps to equalize your gut. That’s what I’m doing now, and may add Nystatin later to further help.

What did your dermatologist say