Interleukin 6 reduces allopregnanolone synthesis in the brain

Another evidence of autoimmune roots of PFS?


Great article about IL-6 inhibition. Some supplements was reported to help people on this forum. Also I can recall reported benefits from antibiotics (maybe in the situations when inflammation and IL-6 elevation were caused by bacteria).

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This has been my hypothesis in recent years. I had my fair share of autoimmunity (e.g eczema; chronic allergies) and reducing inflammation restores my normal sexual function temporarily. I read several studies reporting that several markers of peripheral inflammation, including levels of C-reactive protein, interleukin 6 (IL-6), and tumor necrosis factor (TNF), are frequently increased in people with depression.

So how does this all link to PFS one may ask? I’m of the opinion that increased autoimmunity triggers inflammation, which body controls via increasing cortisol secretion from adrenals. Cortisol is known to share an inverse relationship with sex hormones (T; DHT; E2) and hGH. Another potential mechanism here is inflamation 's direct affect on brain neurotransmission. It’s also suggested that the body uses Dopamine to lower inflammation and this leads to lower DA levels and thus PFS-like symptoms. It’s critical to find the root cause of the chronic inflammation and resolve it.

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Interestingly. I was also thinking minocycline for the purpose of lowering inflammation. I’ve seen it mentioned on CFS forums. I recall being on it when I was a teenager for acne.

There is an ongoing study in Berlin on using minocycline as an antidepressant…im also thinking of trying it.

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maybe this explains how we have prostatitis. this is great research. thank you. especially there are success stories for all three diseases with the substances suggested in this article. Like zinc,magnezium,probiotics,vit d,lithium,inositol,etc. if anyone have time please check IL-6 and say us results

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Do you have a link to the study? I personally recommend to figure out your inflammation source, instead of just taking antibiotics. It’s not like vitamines. Also today I got tested for IL-6, results will be ready in 3-5 days.
It’s in German though

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My blood IL-6 is <1.5 pg/ml. Can it be a different value inside my brain?