Interesting Study

Below is a study of chronic Alchohol use and what is does at the receptor level. My point being can PFS Sufferers have the same mechanisims, where instead of the alterations by alchohol, Finasteride had a very similar outcome. Whats your thoughts ?

I think that it is best for PFS victims to not drink any alcohol, as there is evidence for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease due to 5ARI use.

Very interesting. Certainly could be the same or similar mechanisms at play.

As had been said before by some people here, I believe any effective cure/treatment for PFS could have massive therapeutic potential for a variety of conditions beyond PFS, and perhaps further down the road, this could be a major selling point when it comes to gaining funding for studies and research.

In a time we are not even recognized as a separate entity…What chance do we have?