Interesting research on epigenetics and brocolli

-Broccoli contains a compound called “sulforaphane”.
-HDAC and DNA methylation work together to control normal cell function (both are “epigenetic mechanisms”)
-DNA methylation can turn cell/genes “off”.
-“Sulforaphane” has been found to work both as a HDAC inhibitor and also a promoter of de-methylization.

Study was published in the Journal of Epigenetics a few weeks ago.

Anna Hsu, Carmen P Wong, Zhen Yu, David E Williams, Roderick H Dashwood, Emily Ho. Promoter de-methylation of cyclin D2 by sulforaphane in prostate cancer cells. Clinical Epigenetics, 2011; 3 (1): 3

The question is, is there any extract form of Sulforaphane? So you don’t have to eat 20 lbs of Broccoli to get a good amount of it.

Here is the full study…

forget what the other term is called, but are we in a position where we want to be de-methylized, or be the other one? pro-methylized would be an opposite of it, but i know it has another term.

I ate 2 tubs a day of broccoli sprouts for a week and had no result good or bad.