Interesting “protocol” for treating PFS that might actually try

This is the most compelling idea I have seen on how to MITIGATE (as opposed to reverse) the effects of PFS. It’s certainly a million times more compelling than infinity regurgitations of TTHCWP that so many still seem intent on trying and failing with for the millionth time here.

If anyone has advice on how to procure 1,4-Butanediol, particularly in Europe, I would very much appreciate if you’d share.

I have long wondered if Etifoxine might be our best shot at restoring allopregnenolone and feel it’s time now to try.

My opinion on the most compelling mechanism to REVERSE pfs (epigenetic reset) is that utilized by Ozeph and David Sinclair, each with somewhat different approach, Ozeph’s with established results in PFS patients.


What is the “TTHCWP” you mention? Sorry, not familiar with that abbreviation?
Also, do you have links to Ozeph and David Sinclair’s methods you can share? I’ve read a ton of posts by Ozeph and I’m not sure if there was a definitive method he had but his approach seems more focused just on diet and exercise with fewer supplements from what I read.
Also, if those two approaches are good at actually reversing PFS as you’ve mentioned, then why aren’t you focusing on those? Did they not work for you?

Tribulus,TRT,HCG,Clomid,Welbutrin,Proviron – the things that the forum can’t seem to let go of despite the overwhelming preponderance of evidence that they don’t work. This year’s rediscovery seems to be HCG, last year’s seemed to be TRT, the previous was Tribulus etc. All had already been extensively failed with by countless forum members already over a decade ago.


You gotta search man. That’s not what this thread is about. Youtube has 10 million talks by Sinclair and he has written numerous books. You have a life threatening medical condition. A short-term quick and easy fix mentality will consign you to the same fate as your numerous generations of predecessors here who never recovered.

In Europe you can at least order Etifoxine from Russia, I found with a quick google search. Seems affordable enough. Brand name is Stresam and it’s allegedly manufactured in France. I am curious whether PFS people would get a high libido while on a GHB “trip”, or whether PFS patients would notice a libido effect from Etifoxine.

And well, …there’s 1,4-butanediol here:

Uhhhh, I hope it goes without saying that I seriously think taking this substance is a bad idea and I don’t want you to get hurt. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if they added nauseating extras in there like they do with spiritus and ketonatus alcohol. I’m not sure if trying to find 1,4-butanediol in a different more friendly-looking form is all that much wiser.

Also, going by the video, it’s not really a protocol for treating PFS, as he clearly states the sole purpose is to acutely increase libido. If it even works, in our case, assuming every little step of his reasoning is correct, I still highly doubt any of this produces any long term results or would be a healthy practice.

He’s also kind of assuming that PFS patients are, as a general rule of thumb; low in 5ar, low in allopregnanolone, low in progesterone, and high in prolactin. The prolactin bit would at least be true for me but I’m not sure about the others, I’m also not sure if any PFS patient really is ‘low in 5ar’ when they’ve stopped actively taking finasteride. So I think this YT “biohacking” ‘expert’ is making some assumptions here based on his “clients”, whatever that even means and whoever those people are.

GHB in recreative form can probably acquired through some ‘backdoor’ website, as I commonly hear stories from people, at least in my country, using the drug recreationally.
If you’re going to try anything mentioned in this video, like GHB or Etifoxine, please be careful about dosage and avoid other recreational stuff like alcohol.


Etifoxine sounds interesting, but I would stay away from 1.4 Butanediol.

Are you familiar with this substance and mechanism of action ?

I mean why even post this if it can’t be explained in detailed layman’s terms what the drug is and the theory behind why it may help PFS. I’m not watching a you tube video LOL . By posting a you tube video that’s an indication to me that the person posting does not have a solid understanding of why the drug may help.

Also based on several ZRT test analysis all PFS people tested thus far are not low in DHT or Allopregnanolone.

Not sure what you mean by “this” but in all cases the answer is no.

I mean . What does the drug do and what is the logic behind why it could help PFS. Other wise we are doing what ? Helping the OP order the drug on the internet? Not that this is an issue . But more info would be helpful

Yes it’s a strategy for MITIGATING the single most common and often life-halting symptom of PFS, not a cure. With at least intermittent sexual function it’s possible to have romantic relations and children.

Regarding the GHB precursors, yes the fact it’s used in cleaners is off-putting, I certainly only want to ingest something I have much stronger evidence that it would be safe to than some label claiming what the contents are. There seem to basically be drug raw material suppliers that carry it for this purpose in the Netherlands, as one possible avenue I’m looking at (this far).


What? The YouTube video is there because video is a more efficient means of communication than long forum posts. The allo deficits found by Melcangi are basically the closest thing we have to any bio marker that PFS even exists.

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Yes I want to try the Etifoxine combined with Progesterone first and only possibly try GHB on top after. Of course, some of these have already been tried before. What’s new here is the focus on Etifoxine as a potentiator (via established agonism of TCPO receptor) for the others (in addition to its allo synthesis agonist in own right).


He isn’t assuming we have low AR at all. He starts video talking about all classes of people getting big libido off increasing allo. Also cites research paper on gay men etc.

He literally says it at 11:35

TLDR — The YT guy theorizes that PFS constitutes a reduction of progesterone and allopregnanolone in the CNS and associated downstream effects and suggests that Etifoxine allegedly stimulates the biosynthesis of exactly those neurosteroids. So according to his reasoning basically the exact opposite of Finasteride’s alleged downstream effects.

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Melchangi’s study found lower CNS Allopregnanolone in the PFS group compared to control . It did not necessarily find low Allopregnanolone levels in the CNS of the PFS group . It’s my understanding that No reference range was provided to know for sure if it was the case that the PFS group in his study had low CNS Allopregnanolone levels. However the PFS group Allopregnanolone levels were lower then controls

And unless ZRT testing is wrong which I doubt it is we have several PFS guys with high Allopregnanolone in their urine so I don’t think we are low in Allopregnanolone

I’m being a dick I could just watch the you tube video

The whole basis of his thinking, as described in introduction, is that a wide array of drugs are known to dramatically increase libido. One of the primary things they all have in common is that they stimulate Allo. The “protocol” is called “Extreme Sex Drive”, not cure for PFS.

On top of the success he claims to have witnessed with men who do not have PFS, it’s even MORE interesting for men who do have PFS, since men with PFS have been specifically shown to commonly have low Allo.

In other words, not only does this protocol supposedly boost libido in nearly anyone (via same basic mechanism as chemsex drugs do), but it ALSO directly addresses the primary neurochemical deficiency that has been identified in PFS victims.

Another way of looking at this is that it might be a safer way of getting the same libido-fixing effects that people on this forum who’ve taken things like meth (i.e., a chemsex drug) have reported, albeit via a much less harmful/actually sustainable means.


Well, you can debate the merit of Melcangi’s findings elsewhere, but as was also directly addressed in the background materials of his paper – serum Allo levels are irrelevant because of blood brain barrier. That’s why he had to incur all the inhibitions, impracticality, and expense of doing CSF tests rather than just using urine tests.

Anyway, whether or not PFS partly or entirely boils down to low ALLO, there is plenty of evidence that increasing ALLO increases libido across any class of men, not just men with PFS. Furthermore, if anything, men with PFS stand to witness LARGER benefits in libido than non-PFS men do.

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I am actually pretty excited about this find, I’m kindda curious now :smiley:
@vkg1 When are you planning to start? In my opinion the etifoxine sounds most promising and also least dangerous… pls keep us updated :wink:

I’ve ordered the Etifoxine but am still working on ordering the Progesterone and GHB precursor. I’ll update eventually but it’s sad when people sit here waiting and cheerleading for others to be guinea pigs. In my opinion productivity, personal responsibility, and sense of urgency for individual initiative here is too low already. Etifoxine likely won’t do much by itself. It’s primarily merely the “potentiator” in this “protocol”.