Interesting ideas about brain fog and my solution

I will start by confirming a previous post I made earlier that Baking Soda DOES WORK for me, like it works for others here (i copied the idea from people on this forum of course). It sounds crazy. Here is what I do, I go to work and take a bottle of water with one full spoon of baking soda dissolved in it.

Toward noon brain fog hits gets worse after lunch, can’t work. I go and I drink the whole bottle and then east something like dark chocolate to change the taste. I feel better within 5 mins. If I want to feel even better I go and do some push-ups behind my door in the office. Boom. 3 more hours of energized work. Repeat again in 3 hours. But that is when fatigue, not brain fog hits.

The other thing I mentioned is that the day I start taking clomid my brain fog disappears. Of course I can’t take it forever, so I am trying to cycle, and rely on it as least as possible.

Enough about me.

This site seems to have interesting ideas about brain fog, might be old new for you guys, I am still learning: … brain-fog/

He puts the blame squarely on the Hypothalamus (HT) which links the nervous system to the endocrine system. Hmm, sounds interesting that problems with the HT affect sex drive, fatigue, sleep, cold feet, all what I have.

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are you better now?
do you depend on baking soda yet?