Insulin Resistance/Thyroid Hormones

So My story is that after quitting fin I swelled up and and gained a bunch of weight, about 20 lbs. that was two years ago. Now my weight is steadily creeping up and I feel like utter shit. I saw Jacobs and based on my symptoms he prescribed 30mg armour thyroid. So I took that for about two weeks and I felt awesome for the first 5 days or so until I slipped back into feeling shit and had awful headaches.

Some people tell me this is normal and that since the right dosage wasn’t given. The body will adjust your thyroid output and lower it if you’re given exogenous hormones…so I don’t know if it was just too low a dose or It just flat out wasn’t for me. But I can’t let go of how good I felt those first few days to think it was nothing.

I decided to not see Jacobs and try and find a local guy so I didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg. So I was able to find an endo who didn’t think I was crazy for talking about PFS. So he ordered a bunch of labs, and the only test that came back with a flag was my ALT (SGTP) , indicating maybe a fatty liver to match the weight gain. The only other thing he mentioned is that though my glucose is within normal limits it could be a bit high for me, so he mentioned insulin resistance is a possibility.

Anyone have advice on what to do about weight issues with PFS ?

Brother I went from 160 to 280lbs…feel close to death now…

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Same here I can’t get weight down no matter what I do it’s ridiculous - all central weight and in neck/face

Have you made any progress or Any leads on what to do ? I feel like shit , gotta try and fix this it’s brutal.

DHEA 50 mg help a lot with this problems…

How so ? Did you lose a lot of weight on it ?

Yes dhea + reducing carbohydrates and sugars you also need to sleep well

Would you say you’re close to being normal again ? How much did you gain vs how much you lost after dhea ?

Not losing anything, it is improving day by day, my glucose is normal again according to the glucometer ( today give me 87 ng/l), libido is high, testicular pain disappearing, but help almost nothing the erection, I’m sleeping with the help of prism. I will test melatonin soon. Young people can eat a lot of junk food and never develop type 2 diabetes, but with older people it happens because of lower dhea levels. I think Finasteride crash can affect DHEA levels. Unfortunately I have suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to PFS, we follow the fight!!!

Hi. My story is very similar, but Instead of fin, I took accutane. After I stopped it, I gained so much weight. I’ve tried everything. It’s like trying to lose weight is so much harder now. I wonder if it’s insulin resistance? How are you getting on?

how u doing nowadays? did you keep your protocol for improving insulin resistance?

Hi. I actually took Metformin for two months, but it didn’t help me lose weight. The Dr prescribed it for weight loss. Unfortunately it didn’t make a difference. I’m not sure it’s an insulin resistance problem? I was also eating super low carb. I’m not sure why some of us can’t lose weight, eventhough our hormones are all ok.