Insomnia and tooth pain when chewing


Been on Finasteride for about 10 years. I’ve gone back and forth between 2.5 and 5mg. I started when I was around 40 and now I’m 50. My libido changed very fast at the beginning. No ED problems at all. I have had insomnia problems most of life but the timeline is now starting to match up as the last 10+ years have been brutal.
Another issue is extreme tooth pain whn biting something hard on my lower left side. I’ve been to numerous dentists, endodontists and even a Ear, nose, throat specialist. I’ve had filings replaced, root canal is not needed. It’s also hard to pinpoint which of my teeth is causing the pain as I’ve felt in in all 3.
I’ve loss muscle tone but I chalked that up to being in my 40’s, which still could be the reason. Same with my former rock hard chest which has turned into 2 small breasts.
I’m very happy that I heard about PFS as all of these issues I’ve had the past decade are symptoms of it.


I hope your still not taking that stuff, Fin does cause dental issues and insomnia. Have you tapered off or are you still using finasteride? Those problems you have now can get a whole lot worse if you continue to use it.


I have receding gums and tooth pain. I’ve had lots of surgery and teeth is certainly linked to PFS. Good orale hygiene will help to a degree. I also find chewing fresh ginger helps. Spit it out afterwards as ginger can irritate wider symptoms. Hope things improve

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Thanks folks—Aaron once I heard about PFS a few weeks ago I immediately decreased my 2.5 in half. I read weening off for 30 days is best–subsequently I read there’s no difference between that and cold turkey. So I’ll be off it in another week. My sleeping has been really bad since the weening off.
My teeth/hygiene is excellent, it’s just the pain.

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The pain may be an indicator of recession. Despite having no previous oral issues and text book hygiene it started about 3 years ago with the feeling of sensitivity and pain. Months later I noticed my gums were on the retreat. Keep an eye on them mate