Insight needed: Night erections vs impossible to get it ip during the day

Knee deep in my post fin period. I have been a month and half off and experiencing a series of classic symptoms: mostly sexual, fatigue, brain fog and a clear bout of feeling low on a daily basis.
Over the period of a month I got rare (5-6) nocturnal rections. This night I woke up a to rock hard rection which was ephemeral but it was here.
Now if I try to get erect during the day, it is impossible. I will not be excited by porn and libido is just a six letter word.
Are these erections a positive sign that my junk is actually working?
My lab results are matching the typical hypogonadism pattern, is this a possible explanation?
So if the erection is possible at night, why is it impossible to get one during the day.
It is very confusing…
Thanks for help!

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No? Anyone experienced this?

I have read that daytime erections are related to dopamine, and night time to androgen.

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Can you expand on that? It means that my dopamine is bad? This is the source

So basically I should not get too much hope from this… My brain is fucked up?

I have the same. Erections at night, none at daytime. I think its positive for two reasons. It shows at least something is still working, and it keeps bloodflow going to the penis. Nighttime erections are ment for keeping the penis healthy and to let it not atrophy, so we have to be happy we still have something going on.


I was so happy this night I actually switched on the light to look at it!
Does viagra help at day time?


I have nocturnal or morning wood 4-5 nights out of the week. When I first developed PFS I would have them 0 nights a week. I still struggle with maintaining an erection in the day though. I do not see a correlation between night erections and day erections.

I see…
I have been reading posts about this and it seems very frequent.
I thought I could have taken it as a positive sign.
@moonman1 have you taken viagra or cialis?

Yes Vigra, Cialis, Levitra used to work pretty well. Over time the more I’ve used them the less they work. I’ve moved to injections but not a huge fan so likely will get an implant soon.

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OK so the danger of using these is a kind of tolerance I see.
If it were for me, I would get an implant now, but I stopped taking fin a month and a half ago.
Plus, It would be a “functional dick” because my libido is fucked up.
I give it a year and I will add up to the stats if no improvement… Fuck living like a walking dead…
But even offing oneself requires balls…

FF, I have similar symptoms NCT erections have returned but daytime seem to come and go and are weak. How is your progress coming? My recovery has been longer (3 years) but I feel is getting better since NCT we’re not present for the longest time.

Hey there,
Pretty much the same, rather frequent nocturnals. Spontaneous erections are less than frequent but can masturbate to orgasm with a decent (no pre pfs) erection… Taking the occasional Cialis to help but not regularly… Actually having a “low” patch at the moment after weeks of feeling pretty good with ok libido and mental clarity… The cycle of PFS I guess…

I notice when I take ZZ quil NCT erections are more frequent almost routine. after noticing this I read about another user being cured by Taking L- histamine, been reading about since and it’s possible affects/state In our body. Not sure the mechanics but something u may want to pay attention too.

Nocturnal erections but not daytime erections might be a lack of libido while one is awake, so you would not get an erection in that case.

And/or, nocturnal erections happen when your mind is turned off. When you are awake and your mind is obviously active, your mind might work against your getting an erection–you might be a bit anxious or thinking about how bad PFS is, or you are getting some performance anxiety…

I had the opposite in the past sometimes. No nocturnals but strong erections during daytime and strong libido too.

And how are you doing now in terms of libido and erections?

Both 100% recovered.

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I have the same thing happened to me. Infact yesterday I took a long nap and almost had a wet dream. Then as soon as I woke up and tried to masturbate I could feel the sensitivity leave.

I think it has to do with increased androgens and hormones while sleeping.