Insatiable appetite but little to no weight gain?

Basically, ever since I developed PFS I’ve noticed that I have an insatiable appetite. I’m always thinking about food or snacking on something. Despite this, I have experienced little weight gain (I don’t even work out much these days). I went on vacation recently, expecting to have gained some substantial weight (I was eating lots of fatty foods), and I gained nothing. Prior to PFS, this was not the case. I was heavily into fitness and tracked all my foods, and I certainly noticed that weight would add up after a week or so of falling off track. Does anyone else experience this? Do our bodies metabolize food differently now?

If im not wrong hormonal changes can make difficult/easier to gain or lose Wright. Prior to pfs i had testosterone above ranges and for me was almost impossible to gain fat. Pfs can also induce hypothyroidism, can mimic cushing, etc etc.

Yes, pfs can change our metabolism i dont doubt it

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