Inflammation and possible Auto-immune issue


So for most of 2018 i spent alot of time using products like Saw palmetto, finasteride and duta, and finasteride and Duta just gave me a scalp itch so its likely they didn’t work.

My issue is now that i fear i took these things for so long that my scalp is so sensitive to inflammation, which never used to be an issue before. i’m even getting it in my hands to a certain degree and it all seems brought on my hair topicals and anti-inflammatories

Has anyone got any advice how i can overcome this? im trying everything from Quercetin to tumeric and i don’t feel like they are helping.

I have visited a Doctor and brought this up, but he checked and said there didn’t seem to be any signs of inflammation and just put it down to dandruff and injury, which i find hard to believe as i have it a long time now.