Increased body temperature

My body temperature rises every day to stable 37.2 C (98.96 F). It happens afternoon (usually I feel pretty ok in the morning), and at the same time all my symptoms get worse (brain fog, anxiety, weakness, painfulness). Has anyone experienced something similar?

I think a lot of people here have problems with too low body temp. Mine usually sits around low 97s and when it occasionally raises to 98.6 I feel overheated and sweaty

Hey lostinaustin how is your sleep do you still sleeping with too much dream or is it improving now

My sleep has not been great, but I have been on antidepressants for almost 2 months and it is a side effect. Previously I could fall asleep and stay asleep with only one awakening or so around 4-5 am. On this medication though I am very wired at night and it’s hard to get to sleep but I will stay asleep until I wake up if that makes sense. Feel a bit better rested too lately and have no problems staying awake all day. That’s probably not helpful since we aren’t supposed to take those, just reporting my experience. Dreams are way more vivid on these ADs as well but they are less anxious dreams. I used to just have anxiety ridden dreams or nightmares every night whereas now I have normal dreams

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Lostinaustin, is the AD you’re on Wellbutrin?

No I’m on Trintellix now which has actually been causing me to wake up at 4-5am again the last two nights. Its lexapro that I was previously taking for about 2 months that I was talking about